Life at The Top – Chapter 1191

If Ulric was only slightly doubtful before, but Jasper’s words had him dazed now.

There were only two possibilities here.

The first being that Jasper, the f*cker, was crazy.

The second being that Jasper was an extremely powerful person. Someone who could potentially be a senior executive in Easy Media.

However, Ulric did not think this was very likely.

The young man before him was in his twenties. There was no way this man could be a senior executive of the company.

Yet, Jasper’s calm and majestic aura could not be faked either.

At that moment, Ulric was at loss about what to do. Ulric felt that calling his cousin would be too embarrassing an act.

It implied that he was scared of Jasper.

“Mr. Sandoval, I think it would be safer to make the call,” A subordinate gave him the chance to extricate himself from the awkward situation.

Ulric harrumphed and glared at Jasper. Then, he pulled out his phone and made a call beside them.

At the same time, Baz walked over.

The man looked Jasper up and down before he frowned and asked, “Do we know each other?”

Baz thought that this might be some friend of his, but no matter how he looked at the man, he was certain he had never seen the younger before. Hence, he had to ask this.

“This is the first time we’re meeting.” Jasper smiled at Baz.

Baz was stunned and asked, “Then why are you helping me?”

“I came here to look for you,” Jasper explained.

Baz was even more confused.

At the same time, Ulric’s call with his cousin connected. Horace, the Vice president of Easy Media’s Waterhoof City branch picked up the call.

“What is it?”

Ulric heard the indifferent voice on the other end of the call and said carefully, “I’m here at Golden State Street collecting payment, but there’s a really arrogant brat here, Horace. I was afraid that he’d be someone from the company so I wanted to check with you first.”

Horace was stunned for a moment. He glanced at the employees from the headquarters that were sitting in his office and asked, “Someone from the company? What’s his name?”

Ulric blanked.

He had no idea what Jasper’s name was.

Ulric turned to glance at Jasper before replying, “I don’t know. But he’s a young man in his twenties and he doesn’t seem like a local from Waterhoof City.”

Horace gave it some thought before he replied grimly, “The branch doesn’t have a senior executive in his twenties. He’s probably just an entry- level employee.”

Ulric was immediately relieved and replied, “Good, then. I’ll get rid of him right away. F*cking brat, I can’t believe I actually got scared when he acted like he’s someone powerful!”

However, Horace was smarter than Ulric, and he frowned in thought before saying, “Don’t be so rash. The situation’s a little tense over at the headquarters, and a few people from Waterfall South seems to have found out about your business. The headquarters’ senior executives are angry and an investigative team have come over to our Waterhoof City branch office.

The general manager from headquarters is sitting in my office with their team right now.”

“You never know. The investigative team could be sitting here while they send someone to dig around in secret. I have to go over and check out the situation first.”

Ulric replied uncaringly, “But Horace, you’ve been contributing to Easy Media for years already. What can they do if they catch you? We’ve already used most of the profits we’ve earned in bribes.”


Horace scolded, “Will you only stop after you’ve caused a huge ruckus? Don’t act rashly for now. Wait for me to get there. You can do whatever you want if it’s a false alarm.”

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