Life at The Top – Chapter 1196

Just as he was about to nod, Ross suddenly jumped out and interrupted them.

“Wait. I’m the owner here as well as Baz’s uncle. You can tell me whatever you want to say directly!”

Jasper frowned slightly and said, “You can’t decide this for him.”

“How do you know this if you don’t tell me what it is first?” Ross’ eyes flickered as he insisted.

Jasper replied calmly, “I came today in hopes of inviting Baz to work at my company. Can you decide that for him?”

Baz was stunned by what he heard.

The last thing he expected was for Jasper, a man he did not recognize, to come and give him a job.

Ross voiced his objections immediately.

“No way! Who knows if you’re a scammer or something of that nature? The world’s a messy place, young man. Baz might not know anything and might for your lies easily because he doesn’t have much experience in society, but I’m not an idiot.”

Jasper replied calmly, “Baz is already an adult. He knows how to make his own choices. Moreover, any job outside would promise him more of a future than being exploited and used as a shield by you here.”

“Not to mention, it’s not like Baz is some unmarried virgin maiden either. Even if I was a human trafficker, I wouldn’t try to scam a strong burly man.”

Ross was infuriated when he heard Jasper.

Like an old rascal that had been stripped naked, Ross flushed red and pointed at Jas while scolding, “What evidence do you have to claim that I’m using Baz as a shield? How dare you claim that I exploited him? You’re just an outsider! You know nothing at all!”

Jasper looked at Baz and replied calmly, “Since I’m an outsider, then I’m sure Baz would know best since he’s an involved party.”

“Baz, I’d like to talk to you about this. There’s an opportunity right in front of you, but whether you take it or not is up to you. Think carefully before you decide.”

Baz’s expression turned solemn.

If not for what had just happened, it would surely have taken Jasper more than a few sentences to persuade him. In fact, Baz might even have thought that Jasper was a scammer.

However, after he came to know of Jasper’s true identity, he knew that such an important person would not pull this kind of joke for no reason.

Thus, Baz immediately replied, “Let’s talk outside!”

Baz was about to walk out the door with Jasper when he heard Ross say angrily, “Baz, I am your uncle! Instead of listening to me, you’re really going to leave with an outsider?”

Baz sighed and replied, “Can’t you just let me make my own decisions, Uncle Ross?”

Ross’s expression darkened.

He would not be able to find an employee during such difficult times who was also willing to work hard, take his grumblings and complaints, not require a salary, and most importantly, take responsibility when something bad happens.

From this perspective, Ross was reluctant to let Baz leave.

However, Baz’s firm expression told Ross that he could not stop the youngster, even as his uncle.

He had no one to blame but how himself for being too harsh on Baz before this. Forget the care an uncle should give his nephew, Ross did not even do his part a s Baz’s superior.

Thinking of this, Ross’ eyes flickered, and he looked up at Jasper to say, “You can bring Baz away if you want. He’s a grown man, and if you really can give him an opportunity to change his life for the better, then I won’t stop you.”

Baz was stunned by what he heard.

Yet, before he could feel moved, Ross continued to speak.

“But I paid for his living costs all these years, I gave him food and a house to live in. It’s only right you compensate me for that, right?”

Baz looked at Ross in disbelief. He never imagined the man to be so shameless.

Before any touching emotions could arise, his heart was instead filled with disgust and disdain.

Jasper was unsurprised by what he saw.

This was who Ross was in his past life as well.

The man had done even more shameful things in Jasper’s past life, things that caused Baz to lose many chances of launching his career and strengthening his business.

Therefore Jasper was unsurprised to see this man reaching his hand out and demanding payment to ‘buy’ Baz.

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