Life at The Top – Chapter 1201

Julian would not go easy on whoever decided to step up now.

Prince crawled up from the floor and wiped off the alcohol on his face. He roared, “You killed someone in Waterhoof City, Henry. Forget your Dad, even if your grandfather came he’d still need to make up for your actions.”

“I won’t back down on this at all, Henry. I won’t let this go until I watch you get sent to jail! ”

“Then get to it, would you?” Henry stared at Prince. “You taking all this time to talk instead of acting is making me look down on you.”

Prince had initially believed that Henry would surrender to him in utter fear. The stark difference of reality had Prince feeling like a stranger in this world.

Henry was the one who got into big trouble, yet the man was acting more arrogant than Prince was.

Prince wondered if Henry was an idiot or if he was truly fearless.

Prince thought back to how this was Conrad ’s idea but his own plan. While simple, this plan was effective and without any loopholes. So Prince believed that Henry was being too arrogant and confident.

“Fine. You can’t blame me if you’ve got a death wish. I’ll immediately contact the authorities to have you thrown in jail tonight!”

“You think that just because you’re from the Law family it means you can be as arrogant as you want?”

“You’ll always have to pay for taking others’ lives no matter where you go. Not to mention that I’m here making sure it happens! If you have to blame someone then blame your own arrogance for all of this!”

“Who’s arrogant?”

A voice interrupted the scene.

Henry’s expression turned joyful and Julian sighed in relief when they heard the voice.

Prince was the only one whose expression darkened. The man tensed as if faced with a powerful enemy, as if there was some mythical monster that had rushed into the room.

The private room door was pushed open and in strolled Jasper.

Jasper swept his gaze over the scene and pushed through the crowd to stand next to Henry. Then he turned to look at Prince and said calmly, “How free of you to join Henry for wine, crown prince.”

Prince chuckled wretchedly and replied, “Free your f*cking foot. I’m here to kill Henry!”


Jasper nodded calmly and moved so that Henry was exposed to Prince.

“Come on, then. He’s right here, kill him.”

Prince was stunned by Jasper’s words.

How was he supposed to continue this conversation?

“What are you doing just standing there? Go on, then. Kill him. Isn’t that what you wanted to do?” Jasper urged.

Prince took in a deep breath, he felt like his chest was about to explode from infuriation. He glared at Jasper and said icily, “Don’t give me this sh*t, Jasper. Henry’s in for murder this time and you won’t be able to save him even if you’re extremely powerful!”

Jasper turned his head to look at Henry. “Did you kill someone?”

“No. This stupid f*cker set me up and framed me!” Henry replied.

Jasper nodded and looked back at Prince. “Did you hear him?”

Stunned, Prince nodded instinctively. “I did.”

“So if he didn’t kill anyone, then what are you still standing here for?” Jasper asked calmly.

Prince seemed to have woken up from his stupor with Jasper’s question and the man was furious.

“Stop f*cking acting, Laine. Henry beat my friend up earlier today and he’s lying in the morgue right now. The autopsy states that the man was beaten to death. You can dream on if you think Henry can walk out of this unscathed!”

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