Life at The Top – Chapter 1202

It would be wrong to assume that trust-fund children could do whatever they wished without fear.

In truth, trust-fund children are actually under more limitations than ordinary people in various aspects. Especially renowned families like the Law family.

Of course, nouveau riche families were another story altogether.

Truly renowned and wealthy families actually set extremely high standards for their children. People like Kayden were more different than the norm.

However, be it the Langdon, the Law, or any other family, as long as there was one reasonable elder within it, there was no way they would let their descendants get involved in some things.

Murder, for example.

The children could plot and scheme, but they could not get blood on their hands.

Even if they had to get rid of a person, it must be done through hiring gangsters or ordering their lackeys to carry it out. No matter what, their descendants themselves could not get their own hands dirty.

This was the reason why Prince’s exploitation posed quite some trouble to Henry.

Murder was very much illegal in the country, and not even God could save you if you got involved.

It was the same for the Law family.

“Go on, then. Keep acting arrogant, why don’t you? Huh?”

Prince thought that he had caught onto Henry’s weakness and he was extremely arrogant.

“You were the one who hit him, surveillance cameras clearly caught you. There’s no arguing out of this. And the autopsy too! Hahaha! You’ll lose to me this time, Young Master Law!”

Prince felt extremely gleeful as he looked at Henry whose expression was dark as the void.

Taking revenge was surely among the proudest things he had done in life.

He thought back to Henry’s arrogance just now and how forceful the b*stard still was just now.

However, now that Prince had truly turned against Henry, he refused to believe that the latter could remain fearless.

Framing Henry for murder was a huge bombshell that could completely screw Henry over.

“All I did was slap him a few times. You’re telling me that’s howl killed a man?”

“How do you even have the gall to pull out that bullsh*t autopsy too? You think some random child’s play framing can get rid of me?” Henry looked at Prince and said icily.

Despite what Henry said, it did not change the fact that the situation was not in Henry’s favor. This was something anyone with eyes could tell.

No matter who you were or how deep your family’s roots went, it would be extremely difficult to extract oneself once one was involved in something like this.

Prince must have been fully prepared to rush over so openly.

Henry might be arrogant but the man was not stupid. So he immediately called Jasper over once he realized that this was not a situation he could deal with by himself.

Prince chortled when he heard Henry and said, “Frame? Everything you say has to have evidence, Young Master Law. Did you see me frame you? What evidence do you have?”

“But I have a whole load of evidence against you! The surveillance footage alone is conclusive evidence. How can you explain yourself?”

With that, Prince smiled wretchedly and made a slicing gesture with his hand over his neck.

“You’re dead!”

Jasper narrowed his eyes and his brain quickly analyzed the situation before him.

Concluding the information he knew with the analysis of the current situation, Jasper made an assessment of the incident, unresolvable.

Yes, it was unresolvable.

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