Life at The Top – Chapter 1203

There was no question that this was a setup by Prince.

Jasper knew Henry very well and while the latter was arrogant and paid no one any respect, he was not a bad person at heart. More importantly, Henry was smart enough not to kill someone.

The most Henry would do was beat the person up. If the person was powerful, then Henry would just use his family’s power to end his opponent’s family, but he would never kill a man.

Prince’s setup was hasty and the methods used were rough, but the man had fulfilled the aspects required to form a chain of evidence. His argument was solidly backed.

It would be very difficult for Henry to walk out from this unscathed.

Jasper immediately felt that Prince was not the person who came up with this plan.

Having dealt with Prince before, Jasper knew that the other had the ability to scheme and plot. However, this setup was too formal and presumptuous, and too unrefined enough for Prince to come up with right now.

The scheme seemed brash but it was filled with danger. A few moves and Henry ended up extremely cornered.

“Turn yourself in, Henry,” Jasper suddenly said.

The four words had Henry stunned. Even Prince looked at Jasper with eyes widened in disbelief as if an alien had descended on Earth.

Even Julian looked at Jasper with utter confusion and shock.

Meeting Henry’s stunned gaze, Jasper said calmly, “Turning yourself in is a mitigating factor and they’ll be lenient with their murder charges. I’m doing this for your own good.”

Henry barely held back the urge to throttle Jasper.

After his stupor, Prince let out a loud laugh. “Hahahaha. This is hilarious. Do you see this, Henry? Even Jasper’s given up on you! How’re you going to keep fighting?”

Prince turned to Jasper after laughing out loud and said, “Haha! I have to say, Jasper. Even if you’re very annoying, at least you can read the room. You know that there’s no way to fight back, so why not just surrender, right?”

Prideful, Prince felt extremely elated.

As if he could already see the scene of Henry lying face down on the ground and calling him Daddy.

At this moment, Prince could not help but think of the man who always wore a faint smile on his face.

‘Tsk. This Conrad’s status might be a little low, but the man’s got a good plan. He’s even managed to hold Jasper back. Not bad. Not bad at all!’

However, Prince had no idea how many times Conrad had lost horribly to Jasper. Prince would not think this way if he knew.

Just then, Henry glared at Jasper and seemed to have understood the intention behind the latter’s gaze and expression.

“Follow my lead!”

While confused and suspicious, Henry decided to follow Jasper’s lead out of his trust for the latter.

“Fine, then I’ll tum myself in.” Henry pouted.

“It’s just a small issue. It’s not like they can execute me by shooting over this.”

“They won’t. It’s stated in our national law that turning yourself in is a mitigating factor. Suspects will be charged leniently,” Jasper replied calmly.

Prince’s smile slowly fell at the duo’s cooperative performance.

He narrowed his eyes and Jasper and Henry, suddenly feeling that his plan was not going as smoothly as planned.

Jasper’s next words then had Prince’s heart skipping a beat

“But this is a huge problem and there’s no way we’d be able to hide it. How about this, Henry, do you want to call your dad or should I? We should at least tell the elders about the situation.”

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