Life at The Top – Chapter 1204

If anyone was curious about what risking everything for victory entailed. Then this was it.

Once Jasper realized that the current situation was difficult to solve, he made the riskiest as well as the most correct choice…

“You want to blow this situation out of proportion, right?”

“Then I’ll blow it up with you. We’ll make as big a deal as possible out of this situation.”

“I’d like to see who gets pushed past their limits first.”

Jasper planned to escalate the importance of this situation beyond a point Prince was willing to accept.

“A murder charge, right?”


‘Then I’ll have Henry turn himself in. ‘And pull the entire Law family into play.’

‘I’d like to see how long you can hold on, Prince Chavez.’

Jasper’s biggest support in all this was his belief that Henry had nothing to do with this murder. By then, as long as the entire Law family was involved, the truth would naturally be revealed as well.

No matter how arrogant Prince was, the man would not be able to endure the pressure of the entire Law family. However, all of this was based on the most important condition that Henry had nothing to do with the victim’s death.

As expected, Prince was stunned.

He did not expect this at all.

‘Instead of thinking about how to compromise with me and exchange benefits or how to get Henry to surrender to me, Jasper decided to turn Henry in directly! How could people like this exist?’

“Are you sure? The situation would be beyond what you can control once you really turned yourself in, haha,” Prince mustered up the courage to say.

Both Jasper and Henry took in his behavior. They could tell that Prince was afraid.

“It’s alright. A life for a life, right?” Henry chuckled, his eyes gleaming with fury and something cold.

“Weren’t you the one who kept telling me to pay the price? Sure. I’ll pay the price and turn myself in.”

“Thought before that, I’m going to have to tell my dad and my grandfather first. After all, I am the Law family’s only son.”

“By then, the Law family will definitely do everything to investigate the truth behind all this.”

“I’ll tell you now, Prince, that my family’s temper isn’t the best.”

“You better run to your dad and ask him to come up with a plan fast if my family finds out that there’s something off. Too slow and my family might just crush you straight away.”

Prince bit the inside of his cheek silently at Henry’s words. He stared at Jasper and said grimly, “Are you really going to blow this incident beyond what can be resolved?!”

Jasper chuckled and sat on the sofa. He crossed his legs and said, “You’re the one who brought this up, crown prince.

You’re the one who wanted Henry and me to pay the price. So why am I suddenly blowing this ‘beyond what can be resolved’ now?”

“Or perhaps you thought that you could keep Henry compliant under your control here? Is that right?”

Prince barked out an angry laugh at Jasper’s words.

“Fine, then. Go turn yourselves in. I have conclusive evidence and the truth, yet here you are threatening me instead. So what if you’re the Law family? You think you can overpower and control the Chavez family?”

“This is the mainlands, not Harbor City. No matter how powerful the Law family is, they’re still not invincible!”

Henry had always been the most powerful trust-fund child.

This incident had caught him off guard and Henry was extremely pissed about this. Hearing Prince’s claim now, he did not think any further and pulled out his phone angrily.


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