Life at The Top – Chapter 1205

“Fine, then. The Law family may not be invincible, but getting rid of your Chavez family is child’s play! Come on, then. Whoever surrenders first is a f*cking idiot!”

Henry then dialed the number.

Prince narrowed his eyes and stared as Henry made the call. It would be a lie if he said he was unafraid. He was well aware of what he did.

This had been a setup ever since the beginning but the situation would be extremely difficult to control once the Law family was enraged and the higher-up’s power came into play.

His methods were meant to pressure and make Henry surrender. The goal of this was just to take revenge. This did not mean he had the courage to cause a huge war between the Law and the Chavez family.

‘Since this incident involves murder, there’s no way the Law family would let Henry go to prison. So they’ll definitely investigate and find out the truth. By then, they’d know that this was a setup too!’

Prince felt lightheaded at the thought.

The incident had gotten out of his control ever since Jasper arrived and this infuriated Prince.

Prince turned his head to stare at Jasper only to see the same calm and small smile on the man ever since the beginning. As if he was not afraid to blow the incident out of proportion.

Prince gave it some thought before he scoffed and told Jasper, “Don’t blame me for what happens when this gets out of hand, Jasper.”

Jasper glanced at Prince and said calmly, “With your level of intellect, you wouldn’t be able to come up with such a plan. Meaning you have someone planning for you. Let me think, Fabian Atticus?”

Prince’s limbs felt numb when he heard Jasper.

‘What kind of monster was Jasper? How could he see through the truth with one sentence?’

Still, Prince could not admit it.

“Cut your bullsh*t. As if I’d need others’ help to get rid of you!”

Jasper smiled and replied, “You’d know best if you needed external help.”

“Henry, do you know the victim’s identity?”

Henry stopped dialing and nodded. “I do, the son of a coal company’s owner. His family’s pretty wealthy.”

“Contact the victim’s family too. You’ve got to say something since their son’s dead.”

Henry frowned slightly. “Do I have to? There’s nothing for me to say anyway, I wasn’t the one who killed his son.”

“I’ll just tell my dad directly then I’ll go and tell the authorities next. I’m sure they’ll investigate the truth.”

Prince felt a vein on his head throb, and said, “It’d be good to tell the victim’s family too. That way the situation won’t go beyond what cannot be salvaged.”

Jasper chuckled too and replied, “Is this crown prince showing rare kindness?”

Prince clenched his jaw and balled his fists. He really wanted to punch Jasper across the face.

Prince’s gaze flickered between something bright and dark as he said, “It’s one of my friends that died. I’m just speaking for his sake.”

After he finished talking, a loud commotion sounded outside the door and a group of people rushed into the private room noisily.

The one leading was a middle-aged man, and from the clamor, Jasper came to know who the man was. It was Timothy Burke, the victim’s father.

Once entering the doors, Timothy glared with bloodshot eyes at everyone in the private room. He roared, “Who’s Henry Law?”

“I’d risk my life today as long as it means I’ll take revenge for my dead son!”

Even Prince was stunned to see Timothy and the latter’s group of men.

Evidently, the appearance of the Burke family was beyond what he and Conrad had expected.

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