Life at The Top – Chapter 1208

Jasper was unsurprised by Zachary’s reaction.

Even he was certain that Henry did not kill anyone, let alone someone in the Law family.

As parents, they would know their own child’s character best.

It was also expected that the Law family would do everything to protect Henry.

Not to mention that the situation had not even been investigated yet. With how the Law family were, there was no way they would just stand and watch as Henry was put behind bars.

Prince, who watched and heard Jasper’s conversation with the Law family, was in a horrid mood right now. He did not expect Jasper and Zachary to be so headstrong and willing to start a huge war with the entirety of Clear Seas over this.

Prince stared at Jasper, the corner of his lips twitching, and said resentfully, “And you’re so confident that you’ll win, Jasper? Clear Seas is much more powerful than you could ever imagine!”

“I know.”

Jasper replied immediately.

As one of the earliest and biggest privately-owned capitals, there was no doubt that Clear Seas was extremely strong in terms of their capital or any other aspects.

“But so what?”

Jasper looked at Prince and said coldly.

“Timothy is nothing more than just another weapon against me. The moment you decided to join in was when you became a mere weapon too. Don’t you get it?”

“I might not be some wealthy or renowned family, but I have my limits. You can pick a fight with me but I will not allow you to use the people around me as a bargaining chip to threaten me. Or else, what’s the point of me making so much money and establishing so many companies?!”

“If you’re so willing to be someone else’s pawn, then I’ll just eat you and move on. So what if it’s Clear Seas I’m dealing with? So what if it’s Fabian Atticus?”

“I don’t care who you are, but cross my boundaries and I will do everything I can to get rid of you!”

Prince’s expression soured further at Jasper’s words.

While Henry now looked at Jasper with excitement.

“Holy sh*t. Hell yeah! Assert dominance!” Henry cheered.

No matter what would happen to Henry in the future, the man was extremely grateful that there was still someone choosing to stand with him unwaveringly at this moment.

At this moment, Jasper seemed to be glowing brightly through Henry’s eyes. Henry truly believed… ‘It sure is great to have a sister.

‘Without a great sister, how would I have a great brother-in-law like Jasper?’

“Stop acting so arrogant, Jasper!”

Frantic, Prince glared at Jasper furiously. Fundamentally, Prince and Henry were the same kinds of people.

They were both sons of wealthy families, both arrogant trust-fund children. The only difference was that Prince was more selfish and was willing to do anything just to achieve his goal, while Henry had boundaries and this made the latter much more sophisticated.

However, Prince was naturally fearless and he had never surrendered to anyone before.

The scene was supposed to be much in his favor, yet Jasper had still managed to easily turn the tables and force him into a corner. Furious and indignant, Prince let go of all his inhibitions.

“You think that just because you have a few bucks and the Law family’s support you’d be able to get rid of Clear Seas? Do you know why Clear Seas is the chain of business it is?”

“Clear Seas Industrial is backed by extremely strong capital stemmed from its group. No one in the country can claim that they’re strong enough to oppress Clear Seas! Let alone you!”

Prince roared wretchedly and resentfully while pointing at Jasper.

“Don’t blame me when you’re the one with a death wish! Worse come to worst I’ll just go back and tell my dad. Nothing will happen to me, but you’re screwed if you dare to fight against Clear Seas yourself! Haha! Do you even know how futile that is? You’ve overestimated yourself!”

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