Life at The Top – Chapter 1209

Prince was not baselessly arrogant.

Since Clear Seas was indeed one of the strongest within the country’s capitalists.

However, right after Prince arrogantly shouted, a young man suddenly rushed into the room.

“Something bad happened, crown prince. The share prices of the three major stocks under your name, Sandxibit Technologies, Soaring Dragon Telecommunications, and Purple Seas Pharmaceuticals have plummeted across the board!”

“The contracts in the two funding organizations you host are also suddenly faced with the one-sided termination of contracts by many partners. The Securities Regulatory Commission is requesting an explanation from us.”

“If this continues, the Securities Regulatory Commission will likely revoke our funding organization’s financial practice license and we’ll be facing a lot of trouble now.”

The series of news had Prince stunned, the man’s arrogance and prideful expressions still frozen on his face.

He turned his head harshly and stared fiercely at the person who ran into the room. Prince asked in an icy tone, “What happened?”

The man replied sorrowfully, “I don’t know. Everything happened so suddenly and the company’s in a mess. The worst part, the worst part is that…”

“Tell me!” Prince raged.

“The worst part is that the headquarters seems to be aware of it already. They called just now and asked us to explain the situation to them. Your Highness, it’s possible, it’s possible that the old master already knows about this. There’s no way we can hide it from them at this point”

As if to prove the young man’s words, Prince’s phone rang at the same time.

Prince glanced at the caller ID and the corner of his eyes twitched, but the man still immediately accepted the call.

A gentle voice sounded on the other end of the line. “Mr. Chavez, the old master would like me to ask if you’ve gotten into trouble.”

Prince let out a sigh of relief and forced a smile to reply, “It’s alright, Uncle Fleming. It’s just a small issue, I can deal with it myself.”

Uncle Fleming on the other end replied kindly, “That’s good, then. The old master has been busy signing a partnership with Great Britain’s nationally owned energy group lately. He does not have the time to take care of business within the country.”

“It would be best if you do not add to the old master troubles at such a time, young master.”

“I understand,” Prince took a deep breath and replied.

“You’re welcome to look for me if there are any further issues, young master. But if there’s nothing more, please hang up the phone first.”

Prince ended the call and stared at Jasper with resentment and shock.

“What a powerful man you are, Jasper! It’s only been a few minutes and you’ve already started attacking?” Prince narrowed his eyes slightly.

There were countless companies that Clear Seas had invested in or was the holding company of. However, the core strength of this group lies in Clear Seas Industrial.

Be it the subsidiary properties held by Clear Seas or Clear Seas Industrial itself, they were not easy to attack. The former was too spread out and easily triggered, while the latter was just too powerful.

That was why Jasper texted Jake to directly attack the properties under Prince’s name.

It was highly effective.

However, a call from Jasper was not enough to have Jake cause the termination of contracts in Prince’s funding organizations.

This was evidently the Law family’s handiwork.

“This is only the beginning.”

Prince was enraged when he heard Jasper.

“Fine! Don’t blame me when you’re the one with a f*cking death Wish, Jasper! I’ll take on your fight today, let’s see who dies first! F*ck you!”

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