Life at The Top – Chapter 1211

Julian replied, “Got it. I’ll get to it immediately.”

Julian knew that time was of the essence, so he immediately got to work.

Jasper then turned to Henry and said, “Let’s go, then. Come back with me first. Don’t go anywhere for the next two days, just stay by my side.”

Henry scoffed and replied sourly, “What’s with this f*cking bad luck. Everything was going great before this troublesome thing happened.”

Jasper and Henry were busy discussing details of this murder on the way back to the hotel when Jasper received a surprising call.

When he saw Jasper fall deep into thought after reading the caller ID, Henry could not help but ask, “Who’s phone call got you looking so grim?”

Jasper smiled and said something that had Henry’s expression changing slightly.

“The little prince.”

After replying Henry, Jasper accepted the call.

Jasper had to pick the call up regardless of the reason behind the little prince’s sudden communication.

“You’re a busy man, Little Prince. It must be something important for you to take time out of your busy schedule to call me.”

A chuckle echoed through the speakers after Jasper finished talking.

“Nothing important, really. I’m just here to provide intel.”

Jasper arched his brow slightly in response.

“While I am very intrigued in seeing Henry, that fool, suffer a little from a prank, I’m more inclined to watch your stunning performance.”

Dominique’s words implied that the man knew everything that had happened today.

Jasper was unsurprised.

Waterhoof City was the Royal family’s territory. The strengths and depths of this family’s roots were, as far a s Jasper knew, unparalleled within the country.

The way Prince Chavez called himself the crown prince just because of Clear Seas Industrial was nothing in comparison to this family’s strength.

This man had no right to call himself the crown prince in front of Waterhoof City’s little prince.

A powerful entity, yet to be determined if friend or foe, that hid and watched the game play out from afar.

This was Jasper’s impression of the little prince.

“Fabian sent someone from Harbor City a few days ago to look for Prince. The setup Henry’s currently facing was also this person’s idea. This person knows you very well, and I’d say the two of you are old friends, even.”

Dominique did not hold out and immediately told Jasper what he knew.

“He’s also someone from home.”

With this, Jasper now understood who Fabian had sent over.

An old friend from home who knew him well. There was no one else but Conrad.

“So he’s joined Fabian’s side, then,” Jasper replied calmly.

Dominique commented mirthfully, “You don’t seem very surprised. I thought you might be a little shocked, a t least.”

“It was a good choice to retreat from the personal conflict he had with me and advance his narrative by joining Fabian, who’s of a much higher status, to jointly get rid of me. But from what I see, the scale’s still a little small.”

Jasper stated calmly.

“He is merely a frog in a pond.

“Or a fish in bigger waters.”

“By jumping from a small pond to bigger waters, it might seem to him like a whole new world with much bigger possibilities. But…”

Jasper’s eyes shone brightly at this moment, and the corner of his lips quirked into an alluring and charming smile.

Seeing Jasper now, even Henry began to feel sour with envy.

‘What the f*ck. We’re both manly men, so how the heck do you look so cool showing off?’

“I have the blue sky above me while I step foot on the vast land. My future lies high amidst the clouds, and this game I play goes far beyond ponds and bigger waters.”

While Conrad plotted and climbed to what seemed like great heights, evolving from a pond frog to a fish in the sea in hopes of becoming someone much more formidable, Jasper’s every move altered the world. The two were realms apart, and the difference in their statuses had already become too huge to cross.


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