Life at The Top – Chapter 1212

“Hahaha! ”

Dominique laughed cheerfully on the other end of the call.

“I thought that you’d at least seem solemn, if not shocked, when I told you what I knew. Who’d have thought that you’d be so confident? Interesting. Things are getting very interesting.

“Looks like calling you was unnecessary, then.”

Jasper replied with a crescent- eyed smile, “You’re too kind, Little Prince. While I don’t really care whether it’s Conrad or Fabian that’s come over, this was still a very important piece of information. After all, the advantage of insider information is that, more often than not, it lets me plan far ahead.

“Perhaps we could have tea together next time?”

Dominique, who was in a villa on the outskirts of Waterhoof City, chuckled when he heard Jasper and replied, “I can have tea anytime, but… we’ll talk about this again after you resolve this issue.”

Dominique ended the call before he handed his phone to a confidant beside him. Then, he picked up the watering pot and carefully watered the plant in front of him.

“Little Prince, so we’ve decided to invest in Jasper, then?”

The confidant had grown up with Dominique. If this was back in the medieval ages, then this confidant would surely be someone like a personal attendant. This man was a confidant of confidants, so he was also more causal while speaking with Dominique, and which was also why he asked directly.

Dominique focused on the flower he was watering. Once he believed that he had watered it enough, he put the pot back down. The confidant immediately reached out both hands out to take the pot and place it by the side.

Dominique took the towel from the tray his confidant offered him to wipe his hands before he said slowly, “What do you think of my pot of noble orchids?”

The confidant smiled dumbly and replied, “I’m not a sophisticated man, and I don’t really understand the art of exquisite playthings. I can’t seem to understand the concept behind a sunflower that costs hundreds of thousands.”

“Not understanding it is correct.”

Dominique pointed at the flowerbed before his eyes and said, “Every plant here is not necessarily cheaper than the noble orchid.”

“Be it one plant or ten plants, you’ll still have to take care of them. Every flower has its seasons, and they’ll bloom and wilt accordingly. No flower blooms throughout all four seasons, so if you want to be able to admire the beauty of this flowerbed, then you’re going to have to plant a few more. Do you understand me?”

The confidant gave it some thought before nodding. “I understand.”

Dominique chuckled and turned to walk into the house. While walking, he said, “Jasper and Clear Seas will have a harsh battle waiting for them. Pass along my instruction to cause Clear Seas a bit of trouble.”

“That old man, Vere Chavez, wants to sign the entirety of Great Britain’s contract. We should knock some sense into him too. Let him know that it’s never good to eat too much.”

“Yes, Little Prince. According to our sources, we’ve also heard the news that Fabian’s been getting rather close with the Chavez family. Perhaps the Atticus family plays a role in this? Should we teach them a lesson too?”

“The Atticus family? Forget them. Let Fabian, that mad dog, deal with Jasper. We’re mainlanders, so we’ll only deal with issues within the Mainlands.”

“I understand.”

This huge and extremely fierce battle in the financial industry had come without warning.

More than ten stocks on class A shares were under attack at the same time, as some of the rather alert investors immediately realized that master investors were fighting against each other.

After detailed analysis, it was revealed that these stocks were all important businesses under Clear Seas. Everyone became intrigued at this news.

Clear Seas was one of the strongest figures among the country’s capitalists. Most people did not dare to irk this ferocious entity.

However, as expected of one of the country’s most prolific entities, Clear Seas immediately made effective defense maneuvers.

As a result, under Jasper’s instruction, the gruesome battle between the two parties was condensed to two stocks.

Sandxibit Technologies and Soaring Dragon Telecommunications.

These two companies were outstanding properties under Clear Seas, as well as Prince’s core assets.

This battle Jasper initiated was extremely aggressive and forceful.

With the Law family’s coordination and support, Sandxibit Technologies was the first to fall as it remained pinned at the limit down.

Soaring Dragon Telecommunications did slightly better, but it was soon approached the limit down as well.

Both Jasper and Prince had invested more than a total of 5 billion funds to attack each other.

While 5 billion was not much to Clear Seas, it was an extremely intense battle since the power was focused on only two of Prince’s companies.


Prince kicked the coffee table in front of him over; The man was akin to a furious devil.

“B*stards! Where’s the support from the headquarters?! Is that group of people just going to f*cking sit and watch as Jasper attacks my stocks and holds the share price at the limit down? Aren’t they scared that my dad will kill them once he returns?!”

A subordinate mustered up the courage to reply, “Crown Prince, the headquarters said that they need to prepare to defend against the Law family, so they don’t have enough hands to help us now. From the way the current situation looks, it seems like we’re on our own for now.”

“Motherf*cker! Useless trash! Every single one of them boasted and called themselves stock gods in front of my dad, but the second the Law family gets involved, they all run away with their tail between their legs. What a bunch of motherf*cking trash!”

Prince clenched his jaw in fury and looked up to ask, “What about the people from the main house? Are they here yet?”

The subordinate immediately replied, “The plane just landed ten minutes ago. They should arrive in around half an hour.”


Finally, with one piece of good news, Prince was greatly reenergized. “White Glove’s been my dad’s personal bodyguard for more than a decade. With him here, there’s no way Henry, that stupid f*cker, would get to hit me! It’s finally f*cking time for me to beat him up!”

Prince’s cheek flushed and he felt the urge to drag White Glove over to Henry and regain his lost dignity.

At that moment, the room doors opened.

Conrad walked into the room and swept his gaze over the messy sight before him. He asked, “You were looking for me, Crown Prince?”

Prince quickly walked over when he saw Conrad and grabbed the latter by the collar. Prince narrowed his eyes and stared at Conrad murderously.

“Why did Timothy suddenly appear, Monty?! Don’t you dare tell me that you had no idea about this! Explain yourself right now!”

Conrad gave a small smile. Prince might be grabbing his collar, but the man seemed unaffected by it. Instead, he said calmly, “We’re allies now, Crown Prince. How am I supposed to explain anything to you if you grab my collar like this?”

Prince pushed Conrad away and said disdainfully, “Allies? With Fabian maybe, but you’re just a dog! You are unworthy to be my ally!”

Conrad straightened his clothes and said with a peaceful look in his eyes, “You’re right, Your Highness. I’m unworthy, indeed.”

Prince scoffed and said, “You better give me a reasonable excuse. Timothy’s appearance was never part of our agreed plan. If your explanation is unsatisfactory, I guess I’ll just have to call Fabian.

“And tell him that I killed his dog. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

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