Life at The Top – Chapter 1215

A middle aged woman walked over as the two conversed.

The woman was dressed poorly and her complexion was dull. Seated on the pew, she murmured her prayers.

Jasper and Conrad were a short distance away from her, so they both heard how she prayed for her family member’s health.

After the middle aged woman left, Conrad said, “Only when people need help do they come and pray. Does anyone ever remember to light a candle for God when they’re without misery? People who come here are all suffering.”

“From your words, it sounds like you’re suffering from something too, Conrad,” Jasper said with a calm smile.

Conrad chuckled and replied, “The lower class worry if they can afford the next meal while the upper class worry if their interests will be affected by competition. Who can truly claim that they’re living carefreely?”

After praying, Jasper got up from the pew and said, “Looks like it isn’t easy colluding with Fabian.”

Conrad followed Jasper to stand as well and replied, “Looks like you already know this, Jasper.”

“Go ahead and tell me, then. Why did you look for me today?” Jasper asked calmly.

Conrad turned around to look at Jasper and said, “For a partnership.”

After speaking, Conrad took in Jasper’s unfazed expression and smiled before explaining, “A partnership between you and me.”

Only then did Jasper’s expression change slightly.

The first thing Jasper did when Conrad brought up a partnership was wonder if this was another trap set by Fabian.

However, now that Conrad clarified that this was a partnership between them, implying that this had nothing to do with Fabian, Jasper found the matter worth pondering over.

“Do tell,” Jasper said with a crescent eyed smile.

Conrad did not withhold any information and said frankly, “Fabian predicted that you would begin to take revenge and attack Prince. If Prince doesn’t request help from his family, then he’s no match for you.”

“So in addition to helping him plan, I also provided a sum of funds as financial support when he most needed it.”

With Conrad’s explanation, the source of Prince’s funds was explained.

Conrad or Fabian was the one who lent Prince at least 500 million.

Jasper arched his brow slightly and replied, “So I’ve seen.”

Conrad chuckled and continued, “I told Fabian that Prince rejected his funds.”

Jasper’s expression immediately changed.

“When in truth, Prince has already taken 1 billion worth of funds.”

Jasper looked at Conrad and asked, “Those funds were yours?”

Conrad laughed out loud, the smile on his face freezing. “This is why I sought you out to become my partner.”

After saying that, Conrad pulled out the loan contract and passed it to Jasper.

Jasper narrowed his eyes slightly when he read the contents of the contract.

“What’s next is simple. All you have to do is defeat Prince, and our partnership will be considered a success,” Conrad stated.

“What do you want from this?” Jasper asked.

Conrad looked at Jasper and replied, “Purple Seas Pharmaceuticals belongs to me after this.”

“No problem.”

Jasper agreed curtly.

“But aren’t you afraid that Prince and Fabian will take revenge afterward?” Jasper asked suddenly.

“I have my ways of turning the table. It’s none of your business how exactly I do it. All I want is my share of the reward after you succeed,” Conrad replied expressionlessly.

Jasper stared at Conrad for a long time before he replied, “Deal.”

Conrad chuckled and extended his hand toward Jasper. “Then I look forward to working with you.”

Half an hour later, Conrad walked out of Peace Church and got into his car. Then, he left without looking back. Jasper got into another car as well. He stared at the speeding car that soon joined the endless flow of vehicles through his rearview mirror and fell into thought.

Conrad had lost to him many times before. However, the man gave Jasper a completely different feeling this time.

Perhaps the various failures before had changed Conrad. A change that made this man much more sophisticated than he used to be.

Take this partnership as an example. In the past, Conrad would never attempt such a thing.

Still… It did not matter.

It would not be the first time Mr. Laine crushed Conrad anyway.

Like he told the little prince, this pond frog had only evolved into a fish in bigger waters. Whether Conrad manages to become someone even more formidable was still uncertain.

Thinking of this, Jasper gave Jake a call.

“It’s me, Mr. Laine.”

Jake’s attitude was extremely courteous over the phone.

“There’s no need to wait anymore. Prince’s already showed his hand. He has a total of 1 billion gathered from an outside source. Make him use all of it. Borrow from the Law family if you don’t have enough funds, I’ll talk to Mr. Law about it in advance.”

In Harbor City, Jake’s demeanor sharpened, and he immediately replied, “Understood. I’ll get to it immediately.”

The taxi driver could not help but pout his lips when he heard Jasper’s instruction.

‘Youths these days. Instead of learning something good, each one of you bluffs better than the last. You’re taking a cab and you talk about 1 billion dollars. I don’t even see that much money in United Legends’ in game currency.’

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