Life at The Top – Chapter 1217

“Then what do you propose I do?!”

Prince was enraged after his previous ideas was systemically dismantled. He glared fiercely at the middle aged man.

“You’re my dad’s most trusted confidant, White Glove! Are you going to just watch me get screwed over?”

White Glove replied softly, “The old master already gave me specific instructions before this. I’m only in charge of your personal safety, so I will not interfere in anything else.”

Prince panted heavily and roared, “Call my dad right now! I refuse to believe that Jasper is powerful enough to have a say in everything!”

“Prince is losing.” Jasper said in the hotel room with a crescent eyed smile. Looking at the computer screen in front of him, he took the glass of champagne Henry passed him and tilted his head back to enjoy a sip.

Henry replied excitedly, “Then amp up the attacks and completely crush this motherf*cker!”

“If he doesn’t have any more funds coming in, then I’ll give him one more hour at most before all his defenses fall. All three of his companies will be done for before the market closes today.”

In the beginning, the task of destroying all three listed companies involved a certain degree of difficulty.

After all, the shares listed on the stock market were only a percentage of a listed company’s overall shares.

Even if the company was crushed on the stock market, there would not be much difference to the company’s daily operations. The company would face a tight cash flow, but funding was never a problem when it came to Clear Seas.

However, with Conrad’s coordination, this loan contract had just become a weapon that would cost Prince his life.

This greatly sped up Jasper’s plan to completely crush Prince.

If Prince is wiped out on the stock market this week, then he would have no choice but to repay his loan according to the contents of the contract.

At this moment, Julian returned,

He had arrived with one other person in tow.

“Jasper, Mr. Law, there’s been great progress in my investigation today.”

Julian’s expression was energized as he pointed at the jittery man behind him and said, “This is Grayson Cash. He clearly saw that after Henry slapped the Burke victim twice, the man then left safely and went to drink at a bar nearby.

“A group of people then brought the Burke victim away afterward. These people were sent by Prince.”

Jasper looked at Grayson’s terrified expression after he heard Julian.

From how terrified the man was, he must have already had a taste of Julian’s ferocity.

“Is what he said the truth?” Jasper asked.

Grayson immediately nodded vigorously. “Yes, it’s the truth. I saw it with my own eyes. I wouldn’t dare to lie.”

Before Jasper could say anything, Henry jumped up from his seat.

“Where’re you going?”

Jasper immediately asked as he watched Henry make his way to the doors impatiently.

“Where else? We’ve got an eyewitness. I’m going kill Prince, that little brat!” Henrys shouted.

“Come back.”

Jasper felt exasperated. “There’s no need to rush.”

After stopping Henry, Jasper turned to ask Julian, “How did the autopsy go?”

If Jasper wanted to reinvestigate this incident, then the most crucial piece of evidence would not be a living eyewitness, but the deceased himself. Only the evidence found on the victim’s body was conclusive and unfalsifiable.

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