Life at The Top – Chapter 1218

Julian immediately replied after he heard Jasper ask this, “We’ve made even greater progress on the autopsy.

“I found the pathologist in charge of the victim’s autopsy. The victim’s verified that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to his temple leading to intracranial hemorrhage.”

“Moreover, according to the type of wound and the heavy bleeding, the fatal injury was completely unrelated to the slap from before.”

Julian might have sounded carefree, but both Jasper and Henry knew that a certain level of aggression was necessary for Julian to get his hands on these pieces of evidence so smoothly.

Grayson’s expression of innate fear when he looked at Julian, like a mouse facing a cat, was proof of this.

“Good job.”

Jasper nodded.

“Jul, bring this person alongside the pieces of evidence you gathered and hand them over to Timothy. He’ll know what to do next.”

While the death of Timothy’s son had nothing to do with Jasper and Henry, it was still the loss of human life.

Not to mention that Jasper had promised Timothy yesterday that he would give the man a reply within a day.

Naturally, Jasper would not allow Henry, who did not murder anyone, to be framed. The true culprit behind it all had to face the consequences of his actions.

“I’ll get to it immediately.”

Julian was also very concerned about Henry’s incident, and he would not delay the process.

“I’ll bring you out for some fun after all this is over,” Henry grinned and told Julian.

Henry might be a trust-fund child, and was someone who a majority of people would take as the typical uneducated son of a wealthy family, but he was not a bad person.

As long as Henry approved of you, then the man was a genuine and sincere friend to have.

It was just that not too many people were qualified for his approval.

Fortunately, Julian happened to fit the bill.

This showed that Henry did not make friends based on status or wealth.

Like the son of a renowned tycoon would say in the future, “They’d never be wealthier than me anyway.”

Henry’s status and familial background made him even more qualified to say such a thing than that tycoon’s son.

Julian gave a small smile and replied, “Just treat me to a meal.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Henry’s great mood was evident in the man’s eyes. After conversing a little longer, Julian bid Jasper goodbye and brought Grayson to Timothy.

Henry followed him this time.

With Julian around, there should not be too many issues. Not to mention that Henry also claimed that he was meeting Timothy to resolve the issue. Thus, Jasper let the man go without worrying about it.

After they left, Jasper turned around to sit in front of the computer while connecting a call to Jake.

“Give me a report on the current situation.”

“Mr. Laine, since Colossal Investments are joining us to attack the three stocks without inhibition, we’ve made an unrealized loss of 780 million according to our accounts. We don’t have enough funds left.”

“Did you contact the Law family yet?”

“Yes. The Law family said that they’ll transfer another 1 billion funds to our account in half an hour. They’ll reimburse us in the future if it’s not enough, so there’s no limit to how much we can ask for.”

“Alright, then. Ignore the current profit or loss and focus on defeating all three of his listed companies. The assets we’d end of seizing will greatly surpass the current costs.

“Not to mention that we’d still attack even we ended up losing money. This was never a battle of interests, to begin with. Keep attacking until all three companies are completely destroyed.”

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