Life at The Top – Chapter 1219

“Yes, Mr. Laine! ”

Under Jasper and Celine’s coordinated attacks, the three primary companies under Prince’s name immediately turned into gruesome financial battlefields under the barrage of never-before seen firepower.

Astronomical amounts of funds were used up every second.

When godlike entities fought, it was always the weaker retail investors that suffered the most.

Retail investors who used to hold stocks of all three companies wept shamefully as they stared at the terrifying amount of unrealized loss on their accounts.

They were too reluctant to sell their shares, but their wealth was also shrinking with every second they held the share.

This was a financial battlefield where the winner took all, and the strong consumed the weak. Most of the time, there was no way anyone could defend themselves against such exploitation.

This financial battle came without a warning and attracted the attention of quite a few financial companies.

However, since this was a battle involving a personal feud, all the financial companies decided that they would stay clear and simply watch from the sidelines.

They had initially entertained the idea of taking advantage of this fight to earn some profit, but they would need reevaluate their own capabilities first. The slightest mistake could cause them to lose all their wealth.

In the face of such a huge risk, all the organizations immediately sold their shares and exited the market.

They were all smart people who could easily tell that someone was actively picking on these three companies which were under Clear Seas’ support.

This was no longer a fight of commercial interest.

As Jasper said before, he would fight the battle to the end if they attacked someone close to him, even he suffered a loss in doing so.

This was not a battle benefit driven organizations were willing to involve themselves in.

“The market’s crashing, Your Highness!”

A desperate shout rang out in the room and a few profusely sweating and pale faced traders looked at their drained funds before directing their gaze at Prince. “We’ve already thrown all 1 billion into the market, but the opponent seems to have an unlimited pool of resources. Without an influx of more funds, we’ll have no other option but to watch as they completely wipe out these three stocks, Crown Prince!”

Prince sat limply on the sofa whilst gripping a bottle of wine tightly in his hands. His expression was twisted and devilish.

“Useless! All of you are useless!”

Prince suddenly shouted.

“Each and every one of you boasted and claimed that you’re stock gods during your job interviews and when you asked for raises. Yet, now that I need you to work, what have you done but ask me for more money?!”

Prince threw the bottle of wine on the floor.

The bottle shattered the instant it hit the floor as the heavy scent of alcohol immediately filled the room. However, no one would be able to enjoy this flowery aroma of alcohol right now.

“I spend so much money feeding you people just so you can be useful to me at times like this! You think I’d need you people if I had enough money?! All I have to do is scatter dog food over the keyboard and even a dog would know to spend money for more buy in orders! What about you people, huh?”

The traders all kept their heads down as they were targeted by Prince’s almost insane shouting. No one dared to look the man in the face.

Panting heavily, Prince flushed in utter indignance.

“White Glove, has there been any reply from my dad?”

Standing in the corner of the room, White Glove replied softly, “The old master said that it’s currently the most crucial point of his negotiation, and he doesn’t have the time to deal with your issue. He’s also rejected the headquarters’ suggestion to transfer funds to help because he doesn’t want to make an enemy out of the Law family while he’s not present.”

“So, the old man’s just going to let me die then, huh?” Prince sneered.

White Glove replied calmly, “Please watch your words, Your Highness.”

“The old master has a thorough understanding of this incident. As far as he is concerned, this is no more than a quarrel between children.”

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