Life at The Top – Chapter 1221

Opening the door, he saw Conrad standing outside. “What are you doing here?”

Prince stared at Conrad icily and asked.

Conrad gave a small smile and replied, “Did you forget, Your Highness? Today’s the deadline we set one week ago. I’m here to take back the 1 billion you owe us.”

Prince was stunned for a moment before he waved the man off in annoyance. ‘Get lost. I’m not in a good mood now so don’t make me attack you. Can’t you tell what kind of situation I’m in? Where am I supposed to get you the money? I’ll pay you back once my dad returns.”

Prince was about to close the door after he said this. However, Conrad raised his hand to stop the door from closing.

Faced with Prince’s dark gaze, Conrad said with a small smile, “We signed a contract in black and white, Your Highness.

“The 1 billion was lent to you for one week without any interest. But if you were unable to return the 1 billion when the time is up, then three companies under your name had to be liquidated.”

Prince finally understood that Conrad had come to collect his debt.

“What are you implying here?!”

Prince glared at Conrad icily and said venomously, “Are you claiming that I won’t be able to pay you back?!”

“Of course not,” Conrad shook his head.

“Your Highness has Clear Seas’ support and your father is one of the country’s financial industry’s leading figures. There’s no way you couldn’t pay the 1 billion back.”

“So, you are aware! ”

Prince sneered and continued, “Then what are you still doing here?”

“Your Highness.”

Conrad pulled out his loan contract and said calmly, “Either I leave with the money you owe us, or I leave with a stock transfer agreement for the three listed companies today. There’s no way I can return empty handed.”

“You wouldn’t f*cking dare!”

The fury and humiliation Prince had been suppressing over the past week exploded at that instant.

Prince pointed at Conrad’s nose and scolded, “As if you’d f*cking dare! You’re just Fabian’s dog! Not even Fabian would dare to speak to me like this, so who do you think you are?”

“I’m telling you right now! I don’t have your money and you can dream on if you think I’ll sign some stock transfer agreement! What can you even do to me, huh?!”

Conrad looked at Prince, who was both furious and fearless, then shook his head while sighing. “I guess there’s no other option, then.”

After this, Conrad tilted his body slightly and moved out of the way so that the people behind him could move forward.

Out from behind him walked Jasper, with an impatient Henry and a calm Julian following closely behind.

Prince’s mouth gaped in shock at the sight of this, his mind had yet to process what was happening.

“Looks like the crown prince is in financial embarrassment and debt.”

Jasper said first with a smile.

Jasper then turned to look at Conrad and replied, “Mr. Monty, His Highness is still Clear Seas’ crown prince and I’m certain that he’d repay his debt in due time. How about this, I’ll pay you 1 billion instead, and you transfer the creditor fights to me? Would that be alright?”

Conrad chuckled and glanced at a dazed Prince before replying, “Of course. All I need is the principal loan amount. The crown prince is of formidable status and I am but a mere dog. I would never dare to collect the crown prince’s debts.”

Prince watched as Conrad and Jasper spoke in an almost rehearsed fashion.

Conrad then handed the loan contract to Jasper as Prince felt a rush of blood rise to his brain. He roared, “Motherf*cker! You set me up?”

Conrad glanced at Prince and replied calmly, “You might not know this very well, Your Highness, but the most distinguishing characteristic of a dog… is that it bites.”

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