Life at The Top – Chapter 1225

Jasper shook his head when he heard Prince’s words. This man had gone completely crazy. He would not have said something so stupid if he this was not the case.

As expected, the middle-aged man shouted, “I don’t care who your dad is! You’ll have to face legal charges if you committed the crime! Cut the nonsense and bring him away!”

A few officers then began to drag Prince to leave.

At this moment, White Glove had no other choice but to step forward. “Wait. ”

The middle aged man looked at White Glove warily and asked in a solemn tone, “Who are you?”

White Glove replied, “An employee of the Chavez family.”

The middle aged man responded expressionlessly, “Even if you were his employee, please don’t obstruct us from performing our official duties.”

White Glove replied, “I’m an employee of the Chavez family, not his personal employee. I have no intention to obstruct your official duties either. I was just hoping that you would let him make a call to his father before you bring him away.”

Prince seemed to become enlightened when he heard White Glove. He struggled and shouted, “That’s right! I need to call my dad! You have no right to prevent me front calling my dad!”

Jasper arched his brow slightly.

It had to be said that in terms of intellect, White Glove was much more capable than Prince.

It would be an extremely unwise choice to protest against an arrest at that moment. The best course of action would be to immediately contact Vere.

Still… there was nothing that could be done.

White Glove’s plan would be doomed from the start. As expected the middle aged man remained unmoving as he replied, “My apologies. But Prince Chavez is currently a huge suspect, and according to our regulations, he’s not allowed to contact anyone for the moment except his lawyer.”

White Glove frowned slightly and glanced at Prince exasperatedly. Then, he took a silent step backward to state that he would not hold them back anymore.

The middle aged man’s expression eased slightly at the sight and waved his hand. “Bring him away.”

Before Prince left, the man turned his head to stare at Jasper and Conrad before he said resentfully, “Just you two wait! You two will die once I get out!”

Prince was then pulled away before he could finish threatening them.

After Prince left, White Glove walked over to Jasper and said expressionlessly, “Jasper Laine, right? I’ve read a lot about you.”

“It’s an honor,” Jasper replied calmly.

White Glove tugged at the corner of his mouth and said meaningfully, “What happened on the stock market could be regarded as child’s play. The old master did not care about that. But I don’t think he’ll let this matter so easily anymore.”

“Is this a word of advice or a warning?”

White Glove narrowed his eyes at Jasper and replied, “Depends on how you interpret it.”

“Sorry, but I’m horrible at understanding things.” Jasper shrugged. With a smile, he asked warmly, “Or perhaps you’re implying that these are things Prince can do, but I‘m not allowed to?”

“Prince was the one who framed Henry. All I did was reveal the truth behind the incident. Comparing the nature of these two behaviors, my actions are countless times better, no?”

White Glove harrumphed and gave Jasper one intense look before he turned to leave.

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