Life at The Top – Chapter 1226

Standing next to Jasper, Julian stared at White Glove’s back and said, “I can make him stay if you want, Jasper.”

Jasper waved him off and replied, “No need. He’s just Vere’s subordinate, and getting rid of him won’t change anything. Vere Chavez is our main concern.”

Julian did not say anything anymore when he heard this. Julian knew nothing when it came to power and planning, but he did not fear anyone when it came to physical fights.

The only person who ever posed a threat to him was the man beside the little prince. White Glove was skilled, but Julian would not lose against him.

After White Glove left, Timothy walked over to Jasper and Henry before bowing deeply to the two.

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Laine, Mr. Law. It was all a misunderstanding before and I was blinded by my hatred. Thank you two for discovering the truth behind my son’s death, otherwise the true culprit would’ve gotten away with it.”

Jasper clapped Timothy’s shoulder and said softly, “Nothing is too far when a father is taking revenge for his son. Since it was a misunderstanding, all that matters now is that the misunderstanding’s cleared up. There’s no need to feel guilty about it anymore.”

Jasper then glanced at Henry and said, “How about you two shake hands? Fatherly love is something we all have to understand.”

Henry was not an unreasonable man and said tensely, “It’s fine. You lost more than I did in this incident, so I won’t hold this over your head either.”

Timothy smiled wryly and replied, “Thank you two for your generosity.”

“Mr. Burke, both of us are well aware of the truth here. While Prince was involved in your son’s death, it was still an accident.”

“Prince is in the wrong, but their family’s power and the circumstances of the case means that he won’t be in too much trouble. He might be out after some time, so what do you have planned?”

The corner of Timothy’s mouth twitched and he sighed deeply. While it brought immense joy to say something cruel, Timothy had to admit that he was powerless against a figure as powerful as the Chavez family.

The man seemed to age a dozen years at this moment a she replied, “Let’s see what the charges are first. From what I can tell right now, it’ll most likely be a bit of financial compensation and some simple punishment.”

“After all, he didn’t intend to kill my son, but my son still died because of him. Therefore, it’ll simply be a matter of when I take my revenge against him!”

Timothy then bowed to the two again. “I’m not in the mood to dwell here any longer, gentlemen. So, if you’ll excuse me.”

Timothy then turned and left. No matter how one looked at it, the man’s silhouette appeared desolate.

Jasper turned around after sending Timothy away and realized that Conrad was nowhere to be seen. “When did Conrad leave?” Jasper asked.

“He left while you two were talking to Timothy. He told me to give this to you before he left.” Julian handed Jasper a document.

Jasper chuckled when he saw that it was a company stock transfer agreement with Conrad’s signature on it. The debt was officially between Conrad and Prince, so Conrad still had to liquidate it himself. The transfer of creditor rights was just a little performance they had put on for Prince.

It would be truly troublesome to carry that transfer out. After Conrad transferred the other two company’s stocks over to Jasper, he saved the one for himself.

After Conrad transferred the other two company’s stocks over to Jasper, he saved the one for himself.

Both of them remained silent and tacit. They took their respective benefits and moved on. Whether they would be friends or foes the next time they met would be up to fate.

“Now that this is finally over, let’s go. I’m paying, so let’s eat something good and relax.” Jasper stretched his back and said with a large smile.

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