Life at The Top – Chapter 1229

The following day, Jasper first went to fetch the gentle and soft Tiffany from Hoofmorn University.

This lady loved watching Stephen’s movies in his past life and she always used to complain about how one needed to watch Steph’s films in the cinemas. Thus, every time Stephen’s films premiered in cinemas in his past life, she would always drag Jasper along to watch it with her.

This was a feeling shared by a majority of eighties children in the mainlands.

Therefore, Jasper did not forget her this time.

“Really? Do you mean it, Jasper? Can we really go to the premiere?”

“A few of my classmates and I have already heard about this long ago. This is the first time Steph’s film is launching in the Mainlands and a lot of classmates are planning to line up overnight to buy tickets once it’s released in the cinemas!”

Jasper smiled when he heard Tiffany’s excitement. Everything was worth it if it made Tiffany happy.

Not to mention, Jasper could tell from Tiffany and her friends’ reactions that Monastery Soccer would earn a lot of money this time.

Whether it was due to the production quality of Monastery Soccer, Stephen’s branding, or the Mainlander’s appreciation for Stephen, a miracle was destined to happen with the box office sales.

“Of course I mean it. Since when have I lied to you?” Jasper asked with a smile.

“Jasper, will there be a lot of celebrities there?” Tiffany asked worriedly.

Jasper gave it some thought before he replied. He had never attended a premiere before, but he had seen the scene from all sorts of entertainment news channels before. The host would normally invite good friends and formidable figures they knew in the industry to hype up the premiere.

Not to mention that both the mainland’s Easy Media and Harbor City’s Advent Entertainment Group valued this premiere greatly. This film was the first attempt Harbor City was making to introduce their films to the mainland market, so there would almost certainly be a lot of fuss surrounding it.

“There should be,” Jasper nodded and affirmed.

“I’m so nervous,” Tiffany said softly.

“Celebrities are people too. There’s nothing to be nervous about. Who knows, maybe they’ll be the ones trying to please you when the time comes,” Jasper said with a crescent eyed smile.

Due to Jasper’s current status in both territories’ entertainment industries, the man was not showing off when he said this.

However, Tiffany did not know that, so she thought that jasper was simply joking with her.

The car soon arrived at the booked venue, Golden Exchange International Cinemas.

As a state own enterprise, Golden Exchange was the first national theatre chain and currently the most high-class cinema in the country.

At this moment, the cinema had already been decorated for the premiere of Monastery Soccer.

Many reporters were conducting interviews on both sides of the carpet as a bunch of excited movie fans who had been chosen to watch the premiere lined up outside the venue.

Before they could enter though, the more important agenda on the itinerary was the arrival of celebrities. Quite a few celebrities had already arrived by the time jasper brought Tiffany to the scene.

One had to admit that both Easy Media and Advent Entertainment Group were unrivaled in the entertainment industry.

Every celebrity, regardless of status in the Mainlands and Harbor City, had tried their best to participate in this premiere.

Attending this premiere would give them a chance to meet Stephen and potentially work with the man. More importantly, luckier celebrities might even get in contact with senior executives of Easy Media or Advent Entertainment Group, at which point they would be set for life.

When Jasper and Tiffany got out of the car, the sight that met them was the grandiose of an extremely sophisticated award ceremony.

“Ms. Flowers, could I ask…”

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