Life at The Top – Chapter 1230

“Mr. Williamson, I heard that you and…”

“Ms. Barlow, your recent project in…”

All renowned and top-notch celebrities in both the Mainlands and Harbor City seemed to have arrived as well.

Jasper had not informed Easy Media or JW Entertainment Group that he was attending. Jasper had even told Stephen that he wished to come in a relatively low profile manner.

Thus, Jasper’s attendance was completely incognito such that no one was aware of his arrival.

Jasper and Tiffany had just gotten out of the car when cameras began to flash and blur his vision.

“Relax a little. These reporters are only taking pictures of celebrities. All we have to do is ignore them and walk in.”

Jasper comforted her when he saw how Tiffany tensed slightly.

Tiffany grabbed Jasper’s hand tightly and nodded. She looked on with shock at the celebrities that were being surrounded and interviewed by reporters.

“There are so many people clamoring after them for interviews, Jasper. It’s so majestic.”

Jasper followed Tiffany’s gaze and looked at these so-called prestigious actors and actresses. He naturally thought back to how humbly and courteously these people bowed, toasted, and spoke to him when they ate together before.

Jasper said with a crescent eyed smile, “I can raise you to their level if you want. You could be as famous as them.”

Tiffany beamed into a smile in response. “No thanks. I can’ t sing and my acting skills aren’t that great either. I won’t be able to do it.”

“When it comes to the performing arts, it all comes down to money. If the money says yes, then you’ll get it no matter how unskilled you are. If the money says no, then you’ll never make it big regardless of your capabilities,” Jasper said meaningfully.

Tiffany blinked. Innocent and unaccustomed to the harshness of reality, she did not really understand what Jasper meant.

As the two conversed and were about to enter the venue, a voice rang out from behind.

“Those in front! Don’t you two know that this is a red carpet for celebrities only? Get lost immediately!”

An ear piercing shriek caused jasper to turn around. Only to see a woman, dressed to the nines with decent features and a slim figure.

“This is where the guests enter. I’m here to attend the premiere as well, so it’s only natural I enter from here.

You can walk first if you’re in a rush, but what’s with your aggression?” Jasper asked calmly.

The woman scoffed and looked Jasper and Tiffany over. After confirming that they were not from within the industry, she said, “You guys are guests? Bullsh*t!”

“All the guests here are huge celebrities, and I don’t recognize you two. What right do you two have to walk in here?”

“With one look I can tell that you two are just nobodies non-famous artists trying to take advantage of this opportunity to walk the red carpet! Either that or you two are mindless fans! Stop acting already!”

The woman then pointed at the car behind her arrogantly and said, “Do you even know who’s in the car behind? It’s Terra’s idol prince! You’d get lost and not block the roads if you knew what’s good for you! Otherwise, I’ll make life a living hell for you two! ”

The woman’s arrogant and domineering attitude had even Tiffany infuriated, let alone Jasper.

“You, you’re being too unreasonable!” Tiffany said angrily.

The mockery on the woman’s expression deepened. “Are you getting lost or not? Did I not make myself clear? This isn’t a place for questionable people like you!”

“Run off to the back if you’re here for a celebrity’s signature. They might give you one if they’re in a good mood. Otherwise, I’ll call security to throw you out right this instant!”

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