Life at The Top – Chapter 1231

This woman’s tone made it sound like Jasper and Tiffany had it coming.

The woman’s arrogance had Tiffany flushing red in anger. However, while this innocent girl was angry, she did not know how to refute the other party.

Jasper pulled Tiffany behind him and said calmly, “Who are you to tell us to move away?”

Jasper had totally angered this annoyed woman now.

“What did you say?! Do you even know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this!”

“Who the hell are you? Why do I need to know who you are?” Jasper shouted, his gaze cold.

The Jasper of today was no longer the same small businessman that had to be careful while dealing with everyone.

This man currently held an astronomical amount of resources and had companies in all sorts of huge industries.

He might not be the most powerful person in the world, but no one in the industries he was involved in would dare to ignore his words.

Jasper could forget about his businesses if he bent to the will of this woman who had just jumped out of nowhere and boasted inexplicably.

The woman did not expect jasper to be so strong willed and her complexion paled in infuriation. She pointed at Jasper and shrieked, “Fine then! You want to be shameless, huh? Then I’ll forcefully move you away!”

“Security! Where are the security guards!”

A few workers in suits in charge of maintaining order at the venue arrived with the woman’s scream.

“What happened?”

The woman pointed at Jasper and Tiffany and replied, “These two want to harass an important guest invited to the premiere!”

“Do you two guys know who’s sitting in the car behind me? It’s Show Long, Terra’s idol prince!”

“Piss him off and he’ll tell your managers! He can destroy both our careers at anytime!”

The man’s words caused the workers’ expressions to change.

“Show Long?”

Jasper chuckled. He was very familiar with the name.

A meme regarding Show had spread all over the place in his past life. The master of time management.

A god level celebrity who managed to have a date with three or four different girls’ during the same night, all while not getting discovered by any of them.

“What are you implying?! What’s with that weird tone of yours? Show’s name isn’t something you can say out loud, okay!” The woman stared at jasper and scolded him.

“Who are you to Show?” Jasper asked calmly.

“I’m his manager,” The woman said arrogantly. Then, she looked at Jasper from the corner of her eye, “It’s still not too late to be afraid. Show’s fame and status isn’t something people like you can ever fathom! Get lost!”

The conversation between the manager and Jasper seemed to have dragged on for too long, as the backseat window of the unmoving car was soon rolled down.

Despite the dark night, Show was wearing a pair of sunglasses as he asked calmly, “What’s going on, Selena?”

The woman immediately walked before Show and pointed at Jasper to say, “Show, I don’t know if this is a paparazzi or some perverted fan, but they’re standing in the middle of the road and they refuse to move away.”

Show seemed to be used to such behavior as he pulled out a signed photograph from his breast pocket and threw it at Jasper’s feet. “I know you just want an autographed picture. Here you go. Now, move along.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at Show’s signed picture at his feet.

As far as Jasper was concerned, Show’s career was over.

“What are you still doing standing there?” Selena shrieked at Jasper again. “I’d have chased you away if not for the amount of paparazzi here! You already got what you want, so leave!”

Jasper stepped on the picture and said coldly, “No, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere today.”

Show frowned slightly as well.

He looked at Selena with displeasure. “Look at the venue. There are too many reporters here, and everyone will definitely say that I’m being harsh to my fans if pictures are taken.”

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