Life at The Top – Chapter 1232

After reprimanding Selena in distaste, Show remained seated in the car and smiled, though his tone was slightly annoyed when he said, “What more do you want? Will you only leave after taking a picture with me?”

Jasper shook his head. These so called celebrities made him want to vomit

At that moment, Tiffany stepped up from beside Jasper.

She told Show impatiently, “I used to like your songs a lot. I thought you were filial and an easy to approach celebrity! Who’d thought that you were actually like this? So disgusting!”

Show’s expression darkened at Tiffany’s words. However, upon seeing Tiffany’s youthful and pretty features, Show’s eyes lit up behind his sunglasses. “You’re a fan of mine too, pretty girl?”

Tiffany replied angrily, “You wish! You’re not worthy of being a fan of!”

Show chuckled and replied, “Don’t say that. I think we can get to know each other a little better.”

“Do you want to die?”

The sudden sentence stunned Show.

Even Selena’s expression froze on her face.

The duo looked at Jasper in disbelief. They did not expect Jasper to say such a thing at this moment.

“What the f*ck did you say?! ” Selena screamed.

Show’s expression completely darkened as well. “What are you waiting for, Selena? Call security to chase that man away! I don’t want to see him again!”

Selena was about to instruct the confused workers when a group of people ran out from the cinema entrance.

Leading the group was Stephen and Easy Media’s president, Ted Swanson.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming, Mr. Laine? I’d have made sure to prepare for it.” Ted called out to Mr. Laine from afar.

Stephen would not have believed you if you told him Jasper would attend in person.

As far as Stephen was concerned, Mr. Laine was a busy man who did not have the time to attend his movie premiere.

Even Jasper himself only decided to attend in person because Stephen was representing Harbor City and introducing Harbor films to the Mainlands for the first time. The man would have just sent a senior executive over if this were not the case.

Therefore, when Stephen saw Jasper at the door, the man was shocked and he immediately rushed over to greet him.

“You’re here, Mr. Laine.”

Even Stephen greeted Jasper courteously.

Behind the two of them were a group of Mainland and Harbor City superstars.

Ms. Flowers, Mr. Williamson, Ms. Barlow, and other renowned celebrities followed behind Stephen and Ted as they greeted Jasper respectfully.

This was a grand sight to behold.

In contrast, Selena and Show’s complexions were pale.

“Who invited this man?” Jasper pointed at Show and asked indifferently.

Both Ted and Stephen’s hearts skipped a beat, and they immediately realized that something had happened.

While Show and Selena were dazed. An exceptionally terrifying shadow engulfed their hearts.

The duo felt their mouths dry up as they stared at jasper, surrounded by a group of celebrities.

‘Just.. Just who was this person?!’

‘Why did Easy Media’s President Ted, who was sought out by countless celebrities and superstars, greet this Mr. Laine so politely?’

‘Why was Steph, a man of extremely high status in Harbor City’s entertainment industry, so careful as to not offend this man?’

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