Life at The Top – Chapter 1233

“About that…”

Ted mustered the courage and approached Jasper to whisper, “Mr. Laine, this man is Show Long and he’s a rather famous celebrity from Nawait.”

“We’ve been in a partnership with Nawait’s entertainment industry lately and the other party hoped that Show could use this chance to enter the Mainland market. That’s why we invited him over today.”

Jasper nodded.

Nawait’s entertainment industry mainly followed a Sunrise-philia style and there were quite a few outstanding celebrities.

However, these celebrities whom ordinary folk regarded as high-class and sophisticated were no more than a source of income for Jasper.

If they stayed in line, then everyone would have a great time.

If they stepped out of line…

“Have him leave.”

“And tell the entertainment company in Nawait that neither Easy Media nor Advent Entertainment Group will partner with people like him.”

Jasper’s words were an informal blacklist.

He had completely banned Show from the possibility of entering the mainland or Harbor City’s entertainment industry.

Because of jasper’s status and resources in the entertainment industry of both these areas, the man was certainly qualified to say such a thing.

Ted did not dare to go against Jasper’s words and immediately tensed up while replying, “Yes, Mr. Laine. I’ll pass on the instructions immediately!”

Ted then glared at Show and Selena, who were still dazed, and shouted, “Didn’t you hear what Mr. Laine said? Get lost already!”

Show and Selena were the ones who kept telling jasper to get lost earlier.

Yet, now they were the ones who truly had to leave.

“Wait! Please, wait!”

Show was truly frantic now.

He realized that this Mr. Laine, who he did not recognize, had the power to destroy his future in the Mainlands and Harbor City’s entertainment industry with just one sentence. He instantly paled with fear.

“It’s all a misunderstanding, Mr. Laine! It’s all a misunderstanding! It’s this woman that’s spouting sh*t She’s the one that got us into trouble! It has nothing to do with me!”

Show pushed Selena away and ran toward Jasper frantically. The man’s expression was filled with remorse as he begged.

Selena, who had been pushed away, looked at Snow in disbelief and said with a tremble in her voice, “Show! How… how could you do this to me?!”

Selena went mad, as if she had suffered some extreme duress, and shrieked, “I resigned from a great job for you! I resigned so I could be your manager for free!”

“I took my own savings to pave your way. I apologized for your mistakes before you got famous! You also said that you’d marry me in the future!”

“How can you treat me like this now?!”

Despite this, Show did not seem to hear Selena’s wails. Instead, the man continued to beg Jasper for mercy.

“You heard her too, Mr. Laine. She’s the one that overthought everything, I have nothing to do with her! Please, if you have to chase someone away then chase her, just give me another chance. Please!”

“You’re a great man but I’m nothing more than an insignificant bed bug! You do not need to sink to my level, right, Mr. Laine? Please, I’m begging you!”

Frankly speaking, if one were to focus on Show’s pleas only, the man’s behavior was rather touching.

Innocent little Tiffany was about to forget how arrogant the man was before and was about to cave in.

Yet, Jasper looked at Show coldly.

He suddenly thought of something.

‘It’s all an act for money.’

When the incident that coined the nickname ‘Show the master of time management’ was exposed in his past life, the man had also begged the public with the very same expression.

With this thought in mind, Jasper lost any remaining interest in saying another word to him.

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