Life at The Top – Chapter 1234

“I don’t want to see him.”

Upon hearing Jasper’s comment, Ted immediately reacted and called over a few security guards to drag the two away.

Show was limp in the security guards’ hold while Selena seemed despondent. She let the security guards drag her away while she glared at Show sinisterly.

A short while later, the bright eyed paparazzi immediately swarmed over once they realized that there was conflict. A large group of them soon surrounded the escorted duo.

Not even legitimate entertainment news reporters could hold back from taking pictures of Show as the man got dragged away.

Since Show had yet to completely enter the Mainland market, this man was not as famous as he was when he was exposed for the master of time management incident.

However, he was still one of the superstars in Nawait, and the reporters were no stranger to his face.

Upon seeing these reporters, Selena mustered the courage she did not know she had and struggled out of the security guard’s hold. She told Show resentfully, “You used me, Show! So I’ll destroy your reputation too!”

With that, Selena rushed to the reporters who flushed in excitement and shouted, “I’m Selena, Show Long’s manager. Show might seem like a serious man, but he’s an utterly insatiable pervert!”

“Not only did he maintain amorous relationships with five to six girls at the same time, but there was one night where he ran between a few consecutive girl’s beds too! And I have proof!”

Small acts could result in huge consequences. Selena’s words instantly caused an uproar among the reporters. It was Christmas for the reporters. They were all surprised and immediately pointed their cameras at Selena.

At this moment, Selena turned around to observe the man’s reaction. Only to see Show with an expression of fright, hatred,

and a hint of a threat.

“You b*tch! You wouldn’t dare sell me out!”

Show’s behavior and words caused Selena to give up her last shred of hope.

Taking a deep breath, she turned around to tell the frenzied and gossip hungry reporters, “I can guarantee everyone, especially with my character, that what I say is true. I also have proof…”

Not too far away from the messy scene, Jasper watched intriguingly.

He did not expect a mindless act of his to expose Show’s scandal more than a decade in advance.

That was alright. Since by completely crushing Show now, fewer girls would fall prey to him.

Not that those girls who willingly sleep with him were anything good to begin with.

“Not bad, it’s free hype. As long as news gets out, there’s no way Monastery Soccer won’t blow up.”

Ted’s eyes lit up at Jasper’s reminder as a complete operating plan immediately appeared in his mind. Instead of keeping it under wraps, Easy Media would further spread this scandal today. The more people who knew of it, the better.

“Come on. The premiere’s about to start, it wouldn’t be wise to delay the show.” Jasper said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, of course. This way please, Mr. Laine,” Stephen immediately reacted and invited Jasper into the cinema.

“Are, are you really Steph?”

Just then, a timid voice with barely concealed excitement rang out from the side.

Stephen looked over in confusion only to see Tiffany staring back at him with a slight flush.

Stephen had seen many fans like this before, so he was unfazed.

The only difference was that Tiffany was currently clinging to jasper.

“This is a little sister of mine. She loves your films and she came here to see you,” Jasper explained with a smile.

Stephen lit up in understanding and gave an extremely enthusiastic and gentle smile as he said, “Hello! I’m Stephen Cole!”

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