Life at The Top – Chapter 1235

Signing an autograph, taking pictures, chatting about the filming process, and a bit of insignificant gossip regarding renowned celebrities.

This was what Stephen and Tiffany proceeded to do. Stephen would not pay any ordinary fan the time of day for this, let alone during the premiere. As the main cast and the director, Stephen had a lot of things to do.

However, Tiffany was different. From Jasper’s introduction just now, Stephen understood that it was worth it for him to leave everything else aside to talk to Tiffany.

Tiffany was elated as she continued to ask Stephen more questions.

“Alright, Tiff. Let them get to work, there’s always time to talk more after this is all over,” Jasper told Tiffany.

Tiffany nodded obediently and gave Stephen an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Steph, I was too excited. You don’t need to fuss about me, don’t let me hold you back from what you need to do.”

‘I wouldn’t dare.’

Stephen thought with a wry chuckle and waved Tiffany off. “You don’t have to call me Steph like other people. I know I’m much older, but you can call me Steve if you’d like.”

Stephen glanced at Jasper carefully when he said that. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Jasper neither agreed nor disapproved.

The simple minded could not possibly make a name for themselves within a hellishly difficult place like Harbor City’s entertainment industry.

Stephen might have a more withdrawn and cold character, aloof even, but he knew how to read the room.

Jasper was currently his biggest source of support, and the man gave him more than just the 10 million US Dollar investment.

Upon witnessing the hyped advertisement of Monastery Soccer in both Harbor City and the Mainlands after it was filmed, Stephen understood Jasper’s power in the entertainment industry.

More importantly, the Mainlands market! The Mainlands’ film industry had a strict review process.

It should have been extremely difficult for Monastery Soccer to air in the Mainlands, but thanks to his connections with Easy Media, the review was easily passed and done with.

Other directors in Harbor City envied Stephen greatly because of this.

Every director and actor knew that the Mainlands market was truly profitable. Whoever entered first would gain the upper hand.

This was why Stephen did not dare to offend Jasper.

If anything, the man kept thinking of ways to gain Jasper’s favor.

Tiffany’s appearance was a shortcut for Stephen. Tiffany might be innocent, but she was not stupid.

She could tell that Stephen was trying to win her over and by extension of this, be in jasper’s good books.

Thus, Tiffany turned her head to look at Jasper before she gave Stephen a bright smile. “I think I’ll call you Big Brother Steve, then.”

Jasper was the only one she would greet so familiarly. No one else.

Not that anyone knew what went on in this lady’s mind.

Stephen laughed out loud and handed his name card to Tiffany. Then, he said, “If you’re free, you can talk to me anytime.”

“Okay,” Tiffany took the name card happily.

After that, Stephen turned to Jasper and asked, “Mr. Laine, could you say a few things on stage at the premiere later?”

Jasper was stunned for a moment before he waved Stephen off. “Have Ted do it instead. I didn’t participate in any of the filming processes so I’m not clear about what happened either. just treat me like a normal member of the audience and ignore me.”

Stephen hummed his understanding and did not press the issue.

After the slight delay, the premiere started immediately after Jasper and the rest entered the cinema.

Stephen brought his team over for the opening while Ted went to look for people who could further blow up Show’s scandal.

Hence, Jasper brought Tiffany to the VIP seats below alone.

However, that did not mean he did so in peace. After all, only superstars could sit at the VIP seats.

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