Life at The Top – Chapter 1237

Monastery Soccer was indeed made well.

Not to mention that Stephen wanted to use this premiere to prove himself after the establishment of his own company. Thus, the man had poured countless effort into its production.

Coupled with the results and achievements from Harbor City’s box office sales, its premiere in the Mainlands was destined to garner a lot of attention.

The premiere event plus the movie lasted for a total of almost five hours.

After it was over, Jasper and Tiffany then followed the flow of people out of the cinema. The latter looked extremely pleased.

“Indeed. You really need mature and experienced actors when it comes to films. Also, Harbor films really are much better than those you see in the Mainlands,” Tiffany said genuinely.

Jasper smiled. “You seem interested in developing further in the entertainment industry.

“If you are, I can help you connect with people.”

Jasper was not bluffing. Considering his current status, Jasper could easily raise anyone, including a nobody with no experience like Tiffany, into another superstar actress.

Despite this, Tiffany shook her head and declined, “No thanks. I still prefer my current major.”

What she did not say was that being a celebrity meant she could not help Jasper out anymore.

This mattered more to Tiffany than anything else. Jasper smiled and ruffled Tiffany’s head before he said, “Come on. I’ll send you back to school.”

“Yeah,” Tiffany agreed softly before she followed Jasper into the car.

While Jasper and Tiffany participated in the film premiere event.

A black commercial vehicle secretly came to a stop at the doors of a unit. After a short moment, the locked gates opened and a despondent looking Prince walked out expressionlessly.

White Glove got out of the car and opened the car doors for Prince.

The Chavez family was indeed very powerful. While Prince did not intend to kill anyone in this incident, the man still had to pay the price.

However, the Chavez family had immediately bailed Prince out through special procedures.

“I want to go home. Is my dad back yet?” Haggardly, Prince asked with a dark expression in the car.

White Glove replied softly from where he sat in front, “The old master will return the day after tomorrow. He had no choice but to give up a lot of important negotiations because of you, so he’s extremely furious. It’s best you don’t anger him further, Your Highness.”

“As for the matter of returning home, you’re currently under bail, Crown Prince. So while there’s no restriction over your personal freedom, you’re not allowed to leave Waterhoof City.”

Prince fumed, “Then what’s the difference with being locked up in jail?”

“At the very least, you’re free to move as you wish within Waterhoof City.

“This incident is rather troublesome, Crown Prince, and the government’s stance on this is firm as well. Since human life was involved, it’s inappropriate for us to do anything that would anger the government. Otherwise, we won’t be able to salvage the situation even after the old master returns.”


Prince kicked the chair in front of him harshly and scolded resentfully, “Where the f*ck are those b*stards, Jasper and Conrad? I want them to die!”

“Conrad’s gone missing and Jasper’s currently still in Waterhoof City.”

White Glove glanced at Prince’s twisted expression through the rearview mirror and said, “Your Highness, perhaps you should first consider how to face the old master’s fury.”

Prince clenched his fists tightly and said icily, “Face what? Why do I have to face anything? Are you telling me that the old man will beat me to death?”

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