Life at The Top – Chapter 1239

Conrad’s brow twitched when he heard Fabian.

Fabian had always been very wary of Conrad.

Therefore, all Conrad knew was that Fabian had a huge trap waiting for Jasper, one that involved many people by Jasper’s side.

However, Conrad had no idea what the specifics of this setup were.

Right now, he had gained another important piece of information.

Fabian had his eyes on Jasper’s foreign stock market investments since the beginning. There was a huge possibility that this setup was related to these funds.

“Jasper really isn’t an easy opponent to deal with. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have failed in every test we gave him.”

“But as difficult he is to deal with, he’s also easy to get rid of. You just have to find the weakest part of this kind of person, after which you can deal with them in one swift attack.”

Fabian narrowed his eyes slightly. The man must have been in a great mood as he was so willing to tell Conrad more.

“I analyzed the entire structure of Jasper’s business plan. To be honest, seeing Jasper’s detailed road to wealth makes me suspect he has the ability to see into the future.”

“It’s as if he was able to grab ahold of every important detail and gain the biggest benefit from each of them.”

“He earned his first big windfall from domestic futures, then really kicked off his business with money made from international petroleum futures. With this huge amount of funds, the man decided to invest in businesses like Terizone instead of making more money in the financial stock market.”

“Jasper realized the potential of these enterprises before anyone else did, and he managed to successfully acquire them. I admit I cannot hold a candle to his courage.”

Conrad gave a small smile and interrupted Fabian at this moment, “But he’s still lacking in comparison to you, Mr. Atticus.”

“I didn’t know you apple polished too.”

Fabian glanced at Conrad and laughed out loud, “But I like it.”

“After looking at the components that make up Jasper’s empire, he seems to be relying on his own prestige to gather Hudson and the rest to his side.”

“The advantage of this is that their impression of him will be glowing. As long as he manages to maintain that, then no one will doubt his decision, and his say within the group will go unchallenged.”

“But the disadvantageous are clear too. All it takes is one tragic failure, one that tells everyone around Jasper that he isn’t a god and can still be defeated, then their trust in Jasper will also crumble.”

“The moment this trust crumbles… well, take a look at how horrifyingly fast Jasper’s subsidiaries are growing.”

“Hudson, Wayne, and even the real estate company. Everyone in charge of his subsidiaries will begin to doubt him.”

“That moment is when the tower falls.”

Conrad’s expression changed slightly, and he asked, “Mr. Atticus, so we’ve chosen to target the… foreign funds?”

Fabian chuckled and patted Conrad’s shoulder. “At least 60% of Jasper’s current funds are overseas. He’s in dire need of a lot of money. When it comes to his subsidiaries, the more important they are, the further they appear to be from turning a profit.”

“I can already tell that Jasper’s planned a business roadmap that will last a decade or even two. But before this plan truly becomes profitable, he’ll need an astronomical sum of money.”

“That’s why he’s willing to throw all his funds into what he sees as a chance, regardless of the consequences or risk. By moving his money in the United States stock market, it must mean he’s found a good opportunity to make money.”

“All we need to do is wait patiently for him to move all his funds somewhere else. Then, we’ll crush him while he’s happily waiting for profit. That is when we’ll truly push him to the brink of desperation.”

Fabian’s words were still echoing in Conrad’s ears, but the man felt his heart shake in awe.

At this moment, he had to acknowledge the difference between him and Conrad.

This difference was more than just status. Fabian’s scheming mind and ability to plan were also much greater than his.

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