Life at The Top – Chapter 1243

Both Mr. Wheatley and the woman reacted as if Jasper had told them a hilarious joke.

“I knowI said you didn’t know anything, outsider, but I didn’t expect you to be so stupid.”

“Did you not hear me correctly? Mr. Wheatley is the deputy director of the inpatient department. He’s the one that decides who gets to be hospitalized or not. If he says this old woman can’t stay in the hospital, then no one can help her at all. Who do you think you are?”

The woman pointed at Jasper and laughed out loud.

Mr. Wh eatley also scoffed and looked at Jasper pitifully. Then, he turned to the woman. “Forget it. He’s just an idiot, let’s leave him alone. He’ll just make a fool out of himself if he starts shouting until nightfall.”

“Let’s go. Hoofmorn University’s leadership team is coming to inspect the hospital with the hospital’s heads. I have to reach there before they do.”

The woman nodded and turned to Jasper pridefully, “You have a plan, right? Then try and get this old woman a hospital room. Now I’m curious how you’re going to do that. Hahaha…”

As they spoke, a group of people was ushered over from afar.

There were a few men in suits and a few others in lab coats, all looking majestic as they walked over.

Among the group of people were Hoofmorn University’s leaders and Mid Mount Hospital’s president, all walking over while chatting happily.

Jasper saw one of them and put away his phone that he had previously pulled out.

At the same time, one of the middle aged men also saw Jasper.

Dorian was rather surprised when he saw Jasper.

He did not expect to see Jasper at Mid Mount Hospital. Hoofmorn University’s professional team had met JW Electronics’ professionals over the past two days while their partnership over the stepper had also been officially reviewed and approved by Swallow Capital’s education bureau.

Dorian had his own sources of inside intelligence which told him that the higher-ups seemed to value this huge project greatly.

One of the higher officials in the education bureau even praised this partnership between an academy and an enterprise with three consecutive ‘good’s.

Dorian also understood, from the change in the dean’s attitude lately, that Jasper was Hoofmorn University’s true VIP.

“Mr. Laine! Why are you here?”

Due to the various reasons, Dorian immediately pushed his way through Mid Mount Hospital’s president and vice presidents to run toward Jasper.

Dorian’s rare courteous and enthusiastic attitude, as well as tone, immediately made the hospital’s group of leaders understand the situation.

Each of them now looked at Jasper politely.

Mid Mount Hospital was a hospital under Hoofmorn University. This meant that Hoofmorn University’s leaders had the direct authority to direct Mid Mount Hospital.

As the dean’s secretary, as well a high ranking employee from Hoofmorn University that was close to the university’s core authority, Dorian was extremely valued by the hospital’s leaders. Therefore, they became extremely careful when interacting with someone Dorian respected greatly.

Seeing Dorian’s enthusiastic smile, Jasper did not speak to the man as usual. Instead, he replied coldly.

“An elder of mine had to line up for a hospital room. She’s alone and very ill, but she even got thrown out of her hospital room. As a youth, it’s only right I wait here with her.”

Dorian was stunned by what he heard.

The hospital’s group of leaders who rushed after Dorian were dumbfounded as well.

“An elder of mine had to line up for a hospital room.” This alone was fine.

Since it implied how noble Mr. Laine was and how he did not demand special treatment because of his high status.

But the next thing he said, “even got thrown out of her hospital room”. This statement slapped awake the group of seventeen to eighteen leaders.

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