Life at The Top – Chapter 1246

Jasper nodded and walked into the inpatient department with Ms. Tiana.

“Will this cause more trouble for you, Jasper?” Ms. Tiana asked worriedly.

Jasper looked at the president and vice presidents that ran over to prepare a room for Ms. Tiana and smiled, “Something this small isn’t any trouble at all, Ms. Tiana.”

“Favors and connections are necessary in many aspects of our society right now, and this isn’t something we can change. However, I’m sure that the situation will improve in the future. All we can do until then is do our best to protect ourselves.”

Ms. Tiana nodded thoughtfully at Jasper’s words.

After the group of people left alongside Jasper, Hadwin and the woman’s legs completely gave out.

“Mr, Mr. Wheatley. What do we do now?” The woman sobbed to Hadwin.

“What else can we do?!”

Hadwin was enraged and he looked like the devil.

“This wouldn’t have happened to us if you weren’t so high profile and you didn’t mock that woman after taking her ward! We’re both screwed now! Screwed!”

The woman shivered up and said with a wail, “My uncle is an old officer in Waterhoof City’s education bureau and he has some connections with Hoofmorn University’s leaders. Maybe I should talk to him?”

“About what? The Waterhoof City education bureau is only in charge of high schools and primary schools at most! Hoofmorn University’s ranked on the same level as Waterhoof City’s City Government!”

“Besides, that uncle of yours won’t even be considered a subject chief if he were placed in Hoofmorn University! Do you know who Mr. Clem is?”

“He’s Hoofmorn University’s dean’s secretary! In terms of rank and power, your uncle doesn’t even have the right to tie Mr. Clem’s shoes. Let alone Mr. Laine, who Mr. Clem might as well worship at this point! This is all your fault for looking down on people! Your fault!”

The color drained from the woman’s face after what she heard.

If Mr. Clem were personally helping Jasper, then even the president and his aides did not have the right to help Jasper set up the hospital room.

However, thanks to these leaders of the hospital, Ms. Tiana was arranged to stay in a special care VIP hospital room with the best professionals in the hospital soon gathering to diagnose her.

A treatment plan was produced within a day.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Laine. The professionals have already looked at her. It’s not too problematic and it’s easy to treat. There’s no life-threatening danger and she’ll be able to move around like a normal person after resting a bit post-surgery.”

Mr. Clem told Jasper in the hospital room’s VIP reception area.

Having either money or power during such times brought plenty of benefits and privileges.

The VIP hospital room was an example. Normal hospital rooms contained at least three other patients, where the scope of the patient’s activity was limited to their small hospital bed.

However, the VIP room not only had a private for the patient to rest in, but there were also a bedroom for care workers, a reception area for guests, and an independent bathroom. There were also 24-hours on call nurses.


Jasper nodded, finally smiling at Dorian.

“Thank you for the trouble, Mr. Clem.”

Dorian sighed and replied, “There’s no need to thank me. What happened today was the result of our negligence.”

Jasper waved him off, not wishing to further dwell on this matter, and said, “The partnership with Hoofmorn University has already officially begun, and the first batch of funds will arrive immediately.

“However, I am a businessman at the end of the day, and profiting is still my goal. Therefore, I do hope that research results can be produced as soon as possible.”

Dorian nodded and replied sternly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Laine. Not only will our university do our best, but the officials at Swallow Capital really support us as well.”

“We can request Swallow Capital for governmental technical support when the time comes. Considering all this, I’m sure we’ll be able to produce good results as soon as possible.”

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