Life at The Top – Chapter 1250

Everyone had parents. Jasper thought of his own and could not help but ask Jeff a question.

“But I have parents too. So, I’m really curious just what kind of b*stard child you have to be in order to say something like that to your mom.”

Jeff’s expression darkened at Jasper’s questioning.

The man’s words had touched the little shred of dignity he still had in him, and it made him feel mortified.

“As an outsider, I really didn’t plan on interfering in your family issue, but there’s something I have to tell you since it’s the foundation you’re targeting.”

Jasper looked at Jeff and chuckled.

“The money in the foundation you have your eyes on belongs to me. It’s my investment that your mother’s managing, and she does not have the right to use this money as she wishes. Every single cent taken from this foundation has to undergo a professional review before it can be transferred.”

“Of course, telling a rascal all this is pointless because people like you will never understand the management of a foundation’s funds.

“All you know is probably the insignificant amount before your eyes that you equated with your mom’s hard work.”

As that moment, Jeff was too shocked to even get upset at the disdain in Jasper’s tone.

He felt his blood vessels were about to burst.

Jeff was only so aggressive to his mother because he came to know that she was managing a total investment of 10 million worth of funds.

As far as Jeff was concerned, an amount of 10 million was pretty much beyond his imagination.

He did not think there was a problem in taking a small amount out of this mountain of funds.

However, he had never expected this investment to belong to Jasper.

‘Doesn’t this mean that the poor boy Mom brought home to feed every day before is already the owner of a huge business and has at least 10 million worth of assets?’

Jeff shuddered as if electrocuted when he thought of this.

“Bullsh*t! You haven’t even seen so much f*cking money in your life before! You think you’d get to pull out that much money so easily?”

Jeff said in disbelief.

Jasper shook his head and replied calmly, “Whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter. Why do I have to prove it to you?

“All you need to know is that I speak the truth, and your mom’s right not to give you any money. That’s all.”

Then, Jasper shouted at the door.


“Right here!”

Julian, who had been waiting outside the room door, was immediately energized as he pushed open the door to respond courteously.

“Have this rascal kneel at the door.”

Julian immediately entered the room upon hearing Jasper’s instruction.

At the end of the day, Julian was a human too and still held human emotions. Therefore, he had nothing but distaste for the rascal Jeff who scolded and swore at his own mother.

“What, what are you doing?”

Jeff shouted in fright. His physique was not that bad, so he had planned to struggle and fight back. Unfortunately, not even 100 Jeffs were a match for one Julian.

More than ten seconds later, Jeff screamed pitifully as Julian forced him to kneel at the door.

After having all four of his limbs dislocated by Julian, Jeff wailed tragically.

“He’s hitting me! I’m getting beaten up! Is there no sense of order around here?! How dare you beat me up in broad daylight!

“Mom! Are you just going to watch me get beaten up?”

The man had just finished speaking when the hospital room opened again to reveal Mr. Knowles and a group of professionals.

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