Life at The Top – Chapter 1251


This was the first reaction of the group of professionals collectively, including Mr. Knowles, when they took in the scene in the hospital room.

It was rare to see someone kneeling to another considering the current time and age. It was a curious and eye catching sight to see an adult male kneeling at the door of a patient’s room.

Something flickered in Jeff’s eyes when he saw the large group of people enter the room.

“Quick! Someone help me! I’m getting beaten up and harmed in broad daylight!”

“Doctor, doctors! Don’t treat my mother’s illness, the money she’s paying you is something she stole from a charity foundation! It’s not her money! You people will be in trouble if investigation traces back to you!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard him.

Ms. Tiana sighed deeply and closed her eyes before she leaned back into the hospital bed. She really did not want to look at Jeff anymore.

At this moment, the forgiving and generous teacher that treated all her students like her own children had completely lost hope in her son.

Mr. Knowles and the other doctors were all looking at Jeff as if the latter were a madman.

Ignoring the fact that Jasper was the one who personally arranged Ms. Tiana’s hospitalization and there was no need to worry about him not paying the fees, Mr. Knowles and the other doctor would happily treat Ms. Tiana for free even if Jasper refused to pay.

Money was a non- issue here. What was more important was being in favor of someone as powerful as Jasper.

Not to mention how impossible it was for Jasper to refuse to pay.

Plus, the person lying in bed was Jeff’s mother. How could he request doctors not to treat her?

Mr. Knowles shook his head and gave Jeff one last disdainful glance. Then he walked around Jeff as if he smelled horrible and entered the patient’s room.

Jeff thought his important statement would attract the doctor’s and hospital’s attention, so he was stunned by their reaction or lack thereof.

“What’s wrong with you people? I already told you that my mom’s money is from a questionable source! Didn’t you hear me?”

A professional who happened to be walking past Jeff glared at him and said unkindly, “You still have the gall to call her your mom? It’s a misfortime for her to have a son like you.”

“Mr. Laine had personally arranged for her hospitalization, payment isn’t an issue at all. The man in front is the president of our Mid Mount Hospital and we’re all specialists in our fields. Mr. Laine was the one who asked all of us over.”

“Plus, even if the patient can’t afford medication, there’s still no way us doctors could just watch as a patient dies before our eyes, okay? Their health is our first priority.”

“I really don’t know what I should say about you.”

‘Mr. Laine!’

Jeff acutely caught on to this title.

Coupled with being told that Mid Mount Hospital’s president came over personally, Jeff was completely dumbfounded.

Jeff looked at Jasper again instinctively. This time, there was no more disdain in his eyes, replacing it was a deeply instilled fear.

In his narrow minded vision, Jeff could not even imagine how powerful a man’s status had to be in order to request for the personal attendance of the president from such a prestigious hospital like Mid Mount.

This was already beyond his understanding.

Jasper nodded slightly when he heard this professional’s words.

Whether this professional had purposefully said such a thing so Jasper could hear him, the latter was inclined to believe that the professional was an ethical doctor.

After all, people like Mr. Wheatley were a minority.

“Mr. Laine.” Mr. Knowles greeted Jasper promptly once he entered the room.

Jasper smiled and reached out his hand to say, “Apologies for the scene, Mr. Knowles.”

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