Life at The Top – Chapter 1252

Mr. Knowles immediately smiled and replied, “You’re too kind.”

Jeff felt extremely uncomfortable as he saw this hospital’s president, a man who was already of extremely high status in his understanding, behave humbly in front of Jasper.

After what he saw and heard with his own eyes and ears, Jeff had to admit that he was blind and looked down on the wrong person.

“Mr. Laine, I’ve gathered the best specialists from Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurology, Thoracic Surgery, and other fields to come up with a treatment plan and we’d like to discuss it with the old madam herself before we implement it.”

Jasper nodded at the man’s words and replied, “Sure. I only have one request, and that’s to ensure her safety and health, and treat her as quickly as possible.”

The professional that chided Jeff smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Laine. We might not dare to promise everything, but there shouldn’tbe any issues working together to perform surgery.”

“Not to mention that the patient’s situation isn’t too severe either. We can start preparing for the surgery today, for example, the infusion and the fasting. If we’re fast, we should be able to perform surgery the day after tomorrow.”

“Then depending on the patient’s personal recovery situation, ideally, she should be able to be discharged within the week.”

Ms. Tiana finally brightened up when she heard this and replied gratefully, “Thankyou, doctors, thank you.”

These professionals have heard countless similar thanks before.

They were long used to the thanks of patients and their families since they received many after treating a patient.

The specialists shared a look and a smile, before collectively swallowing down the words, ‘You should thank Mr. Laine the most.’

After Mr. Knowles and the other professionals asked Ms. Tiana some detailed personal questions, they left to prepare a more in depth surgery plan.

Jasper did not understand the specifics, so naturally, the man would not speak out of line. After the group left, Jasper then looked at Jeff who was still kneeling on the floor despondently.

“What are you still doing here? Go.”

Jeff shivered when he heard Jasper.

His mind had already caught up with what happened in the short amount of time the professionals were here.

He had accepted the reality of the situation. Once he understood what kind of situation he was in, Jeff who was filled with utter remorse was in agony.

‘Jasper’s current status and identity allowed him to simply invest 10 million for Mom to establish a charity foundation.’

‘As my mom’s son, wouldn’t it be easy to gain benefits from Jasper?’

‘But there’s no chance for that anymore.’

Filled with regret, Jeff’s eyes reddened.

He knelt on the floor and sobbed to Jasper, unable to do anything else due to his disjointed limbs. “Jasper, ah, no, Mr. Laine! Oh, Mr. Laine!”

“I did go overboard this time, you’re right! I am a b*stard son!”

“An absolute rogue who deserves to die!”

“I shouldn’thave treated my mom like that! I’m sorry! I really am! Please just give me another chance! I’m begging you please!”

Jasper’s expression turned playful as he looked at Jeff, sobbing in regret.

“You keep saying you’re sorry to your mom, but why are you begging and apologizing to me?”

Hope reignited in Jeff’s gaze and he turned to Ms. Tiana on the hospital bed, knocking his head against the floor vigorously.

“I’m sorry, Mom! Please forgive me!”

“I’m still your only son! Please forgive me for this once! I’m really sorry!”

“I promise I’ll be filial from now on and I won’t anger you again! Mom, you need someone to take care of you now, don’t you? Let me stay and do that! Ava too, I’ll bring Ava over so she can take care of you as well.”

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