Life at The Top – Chapter 1253

Jasper smiled but did not say anything when he took in Jeff’s behavior.

This was Ms. Tiana’s familial matter, after all, and he did not want to say anything to interfere with her decision.

The truth remained that Ms. Tiana was still too soft hearted.

Or perhaps, this was still her son, her own flesh and blood.

Jeff might be heartless, but Ms. Tiana could not bring herself to do so.

“Don’t kneel anymore.”

Ms. Tiana sighed softly and said tiredly.

Jeff was elated and he quickly shouted, “You forgive me, mom?”

Ms. Tiana waved him off. “Just get up first. Go home. I’m doing fine here and I don’t need anyone to be at my beck and call.”

Jeff wanted to get up, but his dislocated limbs caused him to fall flat onto the ground with a thud.

Jasper glanced at Julian to cue him.

Julian walked over and reset Jeff’s limbs while the man wailed.

“Mom. Thank you, thank you so much.”

Jeff ran over and pounced at the side of the bed once he got up and took Ms. Tiana’s hand to thank her.

“But mom, Ava, and I don’t have a cent to our name anymore. We also don’t have a job so we were wondering if Mr. Laine could help us with that?”

Ms. Tiana’s expression changed once she heard Jeff. Jeff quickly spoke in response, “Just several ten thousand is good enough. Once Ava and I repay our debts, we’ll get a good job so we can support your retirement.”

“You even owe people money?!” Ms. Tiana exclaimed in shock

Jeff replied regretfully, “Mom you know how we have a lot of expenses to pay. That’s why we went to borrow several ten thousand bucks from someone.”

“I’ll pay that for you.”

Jasper pulled out a 50 thousand Somer Dollar check from his breast pocket and tossed it before Jeff.

Jasper pretended not to see the glee and pride in the other’s expression and continued, “Don’t worry, Ms. Tiana. I’ll arrange a job for them too.”

Ms. Tiana felt uneasy and quickly replied, “I’ve already troubled you too much, Jasper. Plus, it’s not worth it helping this rascal.”

Jasper smiled and shook his head to reply, “Don’t worry too much, Ms. Tiana. It’s still not too late for them to reflect and become a better person from now on.”

Ms. Tiana saw Jasper’s determination and sighed. “I owe you even more now.”

Jasper smiled. “The me right now wouldn’t exist if not for you back then. I’m just repaying the kindness you showed me.”

“Plus, I also hope that you’d get better soon so you can continue managing the foundation. Without you, the foundation’s development has to be put on hold.”

Ms. Tiana smiled brightly and replied, “Alright. I’ll make sure to recover as quickly as possible.”

Ms. Tiana then turned to Jeff and said, “Quickly go back and return the money you owe people. Try not to look for me if possible. Live your own lives, I don’t want to be disturbed by your family either.”

He had both money and a job.

Jeff did not care about what Ms. Tiana thought anymore.

“Alright,” Jeff replied casually then turned to Jasper and bowed.

“Thank you, Mr. Laine.”

As far as he was concerned, Jasper was the formidable figure he needed to gain the favor of. Only by flattering the man could he blatantly continue to ask for money and benefits.

“It’s no big deal. Go back first,” Jasper replied calmly. Jeff left elatedly.

Jeff had just left when Jasper told Ms. Tiana, “Stay here and get your treatment, Ms. Tiana. I’ll send someone to fetch you back once you’ve recovered. Don’ t worry about anything else. No matter how important something is, your own health should still take precedence.”

“Alright, I know.”

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