Life at The Top – Chapter 1255

It was fortunate that Waterhoof City was not too far from the Southeast Province. Still, since they left overnight, it was already two am. the next day when Jasper arrived at Nauritus City.

Jasper did not return to the villa or his own home since he wanted to prepare a surprise, instead, the man decided to check in and rest at a hotel until morning came.

The sky brightened and with the rising of the morning sun, the city awoke as well.

The streets began to bustle and steam from breakfast restaurants joined the cacophony of cars and birds whistling. Everyone could feel how Nauritus City was flourishing with every day.

On both banks of the Southface River, white collar elites appeared in various commercial buildings.

Some were on the phone and some held coffees or laptops in their hands as they began a new day of work. It was time to clock in and in JW Capital’s office in Southface River Tower, people all got back to work. Wendy sat in her CFO’s office and frowned as she stated at the report in her hand.

She did not say a thing, but the middle ranked manager who stood beside her table was too terrified to take a deeper breath.

With the expansion of JW Capital and its growing business, Wendy’s prestige also began to grow.

Not only was Wendy in charge of all of JW Capital and its subsidiaries’ finances, but she was also the female owner of JW. Excluding the owner, Jasper, who rarely appeared in the office, everyone in the company feared Wendy.

The lone fact that the company’s second highest ranked officer, COO Malcolm Malibu, had also been subjected to a harsh reprimanding from Wendy due to a mistake in the operating funds.

The most audacious part of this incident was that Wendy was half a rank lower thati Malcolm.

However, thinking back to how this female owner had also rejected the owner Jasper’s suggestion over a financial expense, this manager suddenly realized that Malcolm, this foreigner’s incident was not too big of a deal.

The middle ranked manager peeked at Wendy who was currently going through the document and suddenly felt regretful.

He should not have sought Ms. Schuler out to review his document today.

According to a few colleagues, Ms. Schuler seemed to be in a bad mood these days.

“Not too bad.”

Wendy finally closed the document sometime later and commented.

The manager let out a deep sigh of relief at those three words. Happiness and gratefulness for fate engulfed him.

‘Thank goodness, I did put enough effort into this document…’

“But the expenses on Article four, section three and Article five, section two are unnecessary.”

What Wendy said next had the manager’s heart lurching to his throat.

“About this, Ms. Schuler. These two sections are budgets for increased staff and allocation cars to employees of and above middle ranked deputy managers. Both these budgets were suggested by Mr. Laine before…”

“So what if it’s Mr. Laine?! ”

Wendy stared at the manager emotionlessly at the mention of Jasper.

The pitiful manager felt his butt squeeze and was about to pee himself in fright.

‘Ms. Schuler’s gaze reminds me of the one my wife would give when we’re fighting and refusing to talk to each other.’

‘Did Mr. Laine and Ms. Schuler get into a fight?!’

This thought had cold sweat trickling over the manager’s skin.

‘What the f*ck. I know this company belongs to you two and you can do whatever you want, but why is insignificant little me suffering when you two are fighting?’

“So what if Mr. Laine suggested it? I won’t approve of unrealistic and inappropriate suggestions. Do you know what the situation is now?”

“The company is broke, we need more money!”

“I can approve of the budget for more staff, but allocating cars to anyone of and above the deputy manager position is easily an expense of millions of Somer Dollars! It’s completely unnecessary!”

“The company’s still in its start-up stages and it’s got a long way before we can start being ostentatious. What on earth is Jasper thinking? I’ll talk to him about this later. Get rid of that section and add a new section with a proposal to increase the standard of reimbursement for business travel.”

“Alright, that’s all I have. Revise the report and hand it over for approval on three days.”


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