Life at The Top – Chapter 1256

Wendy then told the man to leave after she finished speaking.

The little manager did not dare protest. Facing the female owner of the business that had revoked the owner’s orders, the little manager took the document and ran out immediately.

Wendy tossed the gilded pen in her hand angrily after the manager left, and she crossed her arms huffing where she sat on her office chair.

Wendy subconsciously glanced at her phone and felt even angrier at the lack of activity.

Today was her birthday and it seemed like this man had completely forgotten about it.

‘B*stard! How can you forget something so important!’

Wendy felt it was unfair. Deep in thought, Wendy took her phone sub consciously, as if driven by some deity, and dialed a number.

The last time she talked to Jasper was about Ms. Tiana. She did not have the time to talk about her own issue and she still held hope that Jasper would ‘realize’ on his own. From how things looked now, the man seemed like a hopeless case.

“Where are you?”

Wendy asked directly after the call connected.

“Still working. I’ve already dealt with Ms. Tiana’s situation, what’s wrong?”

Jasper’s voice drifted over through the phone.

Wendy clenched her jaw silently and said tensely, “Were you the one who suggested allocating cars for everyone of and above deputy manager?”

Jasper seemed to be stunned by what he heard.

He did not remember such small matters.

“It rings a few bells I think…”

“It’s a waste of money so I revoked it. We can reconsider it when we’re not as Light on cash,” Wendy harrumphed but explained herself anyway.

Jasper smiled. “That’s alright. Our funding issue should be solved after the month.”

“When are you coming back?” Wendy asked casually.

“In another two days, I think. I still have a bit of work to do,” Jasper sounded slightly apologetic.

“Alright, then, there’s quite a bit of work at the company as well. But do come back soon. As I said, there’s quite the accumulated workload for you at the office,” Wendy replied, suppressing her unhappiness.

“I Will…”

Wendy tossed her phone away after ending the call.

Wendy tossed her phone away after ending the call.

As if they had just fought, Wendy could not help but think that she could have handled the situation better. Wendy felt that she was too nice to Jasper, to the point where the man would forget her birthday.

Yet she could not state it outright either.

She was concerned about how busy Jasper was, but she also did not tell him directly because the more girly part of her wanted him to remember it himself.

Yet… this rascal!

Wendy grabbed the office landline frustratedly and connected a call with her secretary.

“Jenn, inform our colleagues of the department to get ready for a meeting in half an hour. We’ll do the fourth quarter financial review in advance!”

Turning her frustration into motivation, Wendy began to pressure her subordinates.

In the other end of Nauritus City, Jasper sent away a few people in charge of the venue he needed for the surprise tonight with a crescent eyed smile. He stretched and suddenly laughed out loud.

He certainly could hear the despondence in Wendy’s voice. Used to Wendy’s gentleness and meekness, Jasper suddenly found that he quite enjoyed pranking her from time to time.

“Oh, Wendy. How could I possibly forget something so important? It’s because it’s important that I keep this a secret.”

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