Life at The Top – Chapter 1258


Wendy’s eyes lit up.

It explained why New Garden House’s reputation was as good as it was. Even if you ignore how their food tasted, their service was already much better than other restaurants.


Wendy nodded with a smile and walked toward the open air balcony her father Dawson talked about amidst the servers’ shocked gazes.

Wendy was used to such looks because her beauty had always attracted the gazes of men and women alike.

‘What a shame that the rascal did not know to cherish it!’

Wendy pushed open the door on the second floor and was stunned by the gaze before her eyes.

The sizeable open-air balcony was decorated and filled with petals.

The entire ground was filled with her favorite flower lilies.

There were pink, white, and green petals and various kinds of lilies bloomed beautifully all around. Not even the light river breeze could disperse the subtle scent of lilies in the air.

Among the sea of lily petals left one small path that led to the middle table in the open air balcony.

On the round table was one opened bottle of red wine, a few small dishes, and a covered candlestick so the flame would not be extinguished by the breeze.

A candlelit dinner.

The slight glow shone on the back of a young man, currently staring at the South Bank of the Southface River and against the door.

As if feeling something, the man turned around and smiled at Wendy.

Wendy swore that at this moment, the girliness within her had exploded.

Every girl had once wished for their prince charming to surprise themselves on their birthday.

Tonight’s sea of petals and candlelit dinner had completely surprised her.

“You, I… I thought you had things to deal with in Waterhoof City?!”

Excited and surprised, Wendy stuttered as she asked.

Jasper chuckled and crossed the sea of petals to the small path. He took her hand and pulled her directly to the balcony railings.

“There’s nothing more important than the birth of my treasure twenty- three years ago today,” Jasper whispered by Wendy’s ear.

The chilly river breeze coupled with the subtle scent of flowers and the man’s warm breath by her ear felt like a dream to Wendy.


Wendy wanted to say more, but she had only uttered one word when Jasper stopped her with a finger on her lips.

Under the glow of the candle, Jasper’s youthful and defined side profile held an indescribable tine of mysteriousness and manly charm.

The finger over Wendy’s lips pointed at the sky above the South Bank and Jasper’s eyes resembled the brightest star in the night sky.

“Don’t say anything and look over there.”

‘This sea of flowers and candlelight dinner isn’t all? There’s more?’

Wendy turned over, suppressing her excitement, and proceeded to see a view she would never forget in her entire lifetime.

At this moment, two kilometers around the South Bank of the Southface River, huge fireworks were shot into the sky every 100 meters apart.

Bang bang bang.

The explosion of fireworks woke half of Nauritus City. The colorful shimmers were akin to God’s miracles on earth, and bursts of fireworks continued to unfurl in the sky above the Southface River.

This was a dreamy and heart stopping view.

Countless citizens of Nauritus City looked up in awe and they watched the following scene with Wendy.

Neon lights lit up at the same time on a total of 21 buildings above 10 stories across kilometers of the commercial area in the South Bank of Southface River. Thousands of neon lights cooperated to form one sentence.

“Happy Birthday, Wendy Schuler! ”

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