Life at The Top – Chapter 1259

Depite the various methods widely used in the year 2020, there was no more exciting or more shriek provoking method to show love than to write your lover’s name with neon lights on the city’s buildings.

There was also buying all the taxis in the city and using the advertising panel above to show their love.

These methods could easily feed every woman’s girly heart or materialistic desire.

However, it was rare for anyone to go as far as Jasper did tonight.

This was because his plan required all the buildings in the entire business district of a city to cooperate with him. Jasper needed more than just money to show his love through neon lights.

All buildings above ten stories were decorated with neon lights across the entire Southface River’s South Bank, stretching across several kilometers.

Thanks to precise calculations and control, every neon lightbulb had contributed to a part of the sentence. This wish had stretched across the most flourishing place of Naurituc City.

At this moment, this grand sight had the entire city becoming a background in Jasper’s control, one that only emphasized how special Wendy was.

Countless ladies must be screaming while young men smiled wryly at the sight.

On the North Bank, Wendy felt her heart melt at the awestriking sight before her eyes.

No woman could possibly defend herself against such a sight.

Let alone when the man behind all this was someone she had already decided to be with forever.

Wendy put her hand over her mouth and her throat felt like it had been blocked off by something.

She turned to look at Jasper. There were a thousand things she wanted to say but nothing came out of her mouth.


Jasper chuckled and reached out to hug the beauty in his arms adoringly.

“Thank you, for staying by my side. For supporting me and helping me without asking for repayment.”

Jasper was never someone who took other’s kindness for granted.

He might never have confessed to Wendy officially, nor did the two ever had a strict conversation involving similar words like ‘Be my girlfriend’.

However, what they meant to each other was mutual recognized through their tacit understanding to stay by each other’s side each day.

More than each other, but it was recognized by both their families as well.

It was just that Jasper kept to himself when it came to relationships. The man believed that instead of confessing how much you liked or loved a person, it was more realistic to show his feelings and being by her side instead, Jasper had always trusted Wendy the most.

Be it out of business or personal feelings, he would trust Wendy without holding back.

While Wendy had always been putting in the effort by his side to help him, and she had never asked for any repayment.

With Jasper present, she would stay by his side quietly as a kind partner.

If Jasper was absent, then she would take up Jasper’s responsibilities and work in the office and help him take care of the business.

A long term relationship required more than mutual affection. More importantly, both parties had to be each other’s support and shoulder to lean on.

Wendy did not say anything when she heard Jasper. Instead, she quietly buried her face into Jasper’s chest and reached out to hug him back.

“I thought you forgot.”

Wendy finally said unjustly after a long while.

“I would never.”

Now that Wendy’s emotions calmed down, Jasper pulled her to the chair and sat opposite her. Then he raised his hand to pour Wendy a cup of red wine.

“Today’s an important day and I’ve planned a long time for this. Everything else, no matter how important, will be postponed.”

It did not cost Jasper anything to say sweet things, and considering the setting, the man would say whatever was sweetest.

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