Life at The Top – Chapter 1263

This was a small detail, but it did not go unnoticed by Jasper.

Jasper was familiar with the remaining two.

One of them was June Parham, the deputy manager of the internal purchasing department, while the other was Hannibal Tate, the deputy manager of the budgeting and auditing department.

These two were old staff that had been working in JW Capital since its foundation.

The company could not employ any elite talents during its initial stages, so most old staff were employed as expedients.

However, as JW Capital developed, most of these initial staff could no longer keep up with the company’s development in terms of efficiency or capability.

Even so, Jasper did not try to get rid of these people after all the hard work they had put in for him. On the contrary, the vast majority of them were given rather generous benefits.

As someone else’s employee in his past life, Jasper knew that to be a successful entrepreneur in this life, he had to treat his own employees well if he wanted the business to develop healthily.

The employees were the heart and soul of the company.

If not for this, it did not matter how many more times jasper reincarnated or how talented the man was he would not be able to set up JW Company alone.

Therefore, ever since the beginning, JW Capital and its subsidiaries had always treated their employees the best within their respective industries. JW’s care for their own employees was also the most genuine.

This was not something written for the sake of attracting employees but was truly executed and carried out.

However… all sorts of people came along when the company started to grow.

If JW Company wanted to continue developing into something great, then Jasper had to fend off more than just external enemies. It was only a matter of time before infighting occurred, and this was what truly placed a halt on JW Company’s development.

“Mr. Laine, we can’t take all the blame for this either.” The deputy manager of the internal purchasing department, June, mustered the courage to stand and speak to jasper under the gazes of the other deputy managers.

Jasper looked at her indifferently. Instead of getting angry, the man asked calmly, “Did I say I blame you?

“You’re the ones requesting to resign. I did not reject your application and instead gave you a more convenient escape. What’s there to explain to me?”

June’s expression soured at what she heard.

She took a deep breath and replied, “Mr. Laine, you don’t actually need to pretend. Everyone can tell that you’re angry, but we’re all adults, so I think I should make the issue here clear.”


Jasper smiled and sat back down on the chair to say, “Sure. If you say that there’s an issue to be cleared up, then I’ll give you the chance to do so. Go ahead, what’s the issue?”

June glanced at her colleagues as if she found strength in them before she looked up and replied to Jasper, “The company promised us before this to allocate a car to every deputy manager.”

“But then Ms. Schuler shot down the suggestion without a second thought. We put in a lot of hard work in the lower ranks each and every day, and we’ve been looking forward to this benefit for a long time already. Now that it’s gone so quickly, we’re upset about it.”

“Alright. If you want to talk about employee welfare, then let’s discuss this issue.”

Jasper looked at June and said expressionlessly, “You’re the deputy manager of the internal purchasing department. With the internal purchasing department being a level two department, according to the ranks of your administrative post, your employee welfare should likewise follow the G4 guidelines, correct?”

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