Life at The Top – Chapter 1269

Jasper walked over to Wendy when he heard her blame herself.

Jasper ruffled Wendy’s hair and said, “What are you talking about, I haven’t even thanked you for helping me bring this issue to light yet.

“From the way things look now, various issues have already occurred within the company since a long time back. I just didn’t realize them before. It’s great that we discovered them this early since it means we can deal with them early too.

“It’d be too late if the situation was already unsalvageable once we found out.”

That afternoon, Jasper took time out to call Jack, who was far away in Swallow Capital.

As Weresoft’s ex-senior executive, Jack was very experienced in this field.

To the point where Jasper was initially inclined to appoint Jack as the person in charge of this supervision department.

After all, Jack was the company’s most senior executive. He was the first senior executive Jasper invited and employed at the early start up stages.

Both Jack’s experience and prestige qualified him to keep people in line.

However, Jasper considered how Jack still played a role in Sena’s current smooth operations and had no other choice but to give up that thought.

Despite this, Jack agreed with the introduction of this supervision department.

However, he had a question about it.

“Mr. Laine, will this supervision department be part of the parent company itself or will it manage JW Capital and its subsidiaries?”

This was a very important question.

When it came to the large subsidiaries like Terizone, Abbylon, and even Sena, Jasper had promised not to interfere with the specific operations of the company.

Still, even though there was nothing wrong with suddenly introducing a supervision department right now, Hudson and the rest would certainly have some reservations about them.

Thus, after a short moment of pondering, Jasper replied, “The supervision department will only manage the investment, electronics, and the real estate development company for now. When it comes to Terizone, Abbylone, Sena, and the entertainment companies, I’ll leave it up to you guys to deal with it yourselves.”

Jack exhaled in relief when he heard Jasper.

“Alright. I’ll comb through Sena first.”

Jasper waved to dismiss him. “Don’t make too big of a deal about it either. After all, problems like this are still less prominent in Internet companies. It’s mainly physical companies where these problems easily arise. You have relevant experience, so I’m sure you know what to do.”

Jack nodded and suddenly asked, “Mr. Laine, do you have any particular person in mind to head this supervision department?”

“Do you have recommendations?” Jasper arched his brow slightly and asked.

Jack smiled and replied, “Of course not.”

Jack was not stupid. He knew that this supervision department was something extremely sensitive. It might not have been officially established yet, but this department would surely turn into a sharp weapon Jasper wielded in the future.

For a position as crucial as this, Jasper would still be wary no matter how much the man entrusted him.

Nor could Jack willy-nilly suggest a candidate to take charge of such an important department. It would not be worth it to attract Jasper’s suspicion for no reason.

Jack knew that Jasper was not someone who doubted people easily, but at the end of the day, they were still superior and subordinate before anything else. As an experienced man, Jack would not do anything to garner unnecessary suspicion.

“But I do suggest that you employ someone who has experience in the government judicial branch. That would be best.”

Jasper nodded when he heard this suggestion and replied, “I’ll give it some thought.”

After ending the call with Jack, Jasper contacted Zachary next.

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