Life at The Top – Chapter 1271

The following day, since Julian had taken Jasper’s Bentley in for periodic maintenance, Jasper sat in Wendy’s ordinary and low profiled BMW to work. They two were chatting happily and were a few hundred meters away from the office when a few men suddenly ran out from the roadside to stand in front of Wendy’s car.

Wendy gasped. Thanks to her quick reflexes, she managed to turn the steering wheel and avoid knocking into these people.

However, the BMW still ended up crashing into the foliage by the roadside.

There was a loud bang, and a dent appeared in the bonnet of the car as smoke simultaneously began to pour out from the hood. The car’s engine then turned itself off automatically.

Jasper shielded Wendy with one of his hands to protect her. Without caring about himself, he quickly asked Wendy, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Wendy shook her head and replied shakily, “I’m fine. Just shocked.”

Jasper’s gaze sharpened. Those men who ran out must have a death wish.

He was about to get out of the car angrily when he heard those men shout.

“Wendy! Get the f*ck out right now!”

Jasper narrowed his eyes at what he heard.

From the way the men acted, this incident was not accidental. They were blatantly targeting Wendy.

“What do you want her for?”

Jasper alighted the car and asked directly.

Considering the current situation, as a man, Jasper had to come out and deal with these hooligans while keeping his woman safe behind him. Regardless of what conflict Wendy had with them or who was in the wrong, there was no way Jasper would let them hurt Wendy.

If he did not do this, then he might as well not be a man at all.

“What for?!”

The man in the lead was a rather skinny person in his forties. He scoffed and replied, “That stupid b*tch screwed my business over, so I want her to compensate me for my losses!”

“Keep your stinking mouth clean.”

Jasper narrowed his eyes and looked at the man icily. “I am not against beating the stupid teeth out of your mouth.”

Ward’s burned at Jasper’s words.

“Who the f*ck are you, brat? Who are you to jump in front of me and cause trouble?”

At this moment, Wendy got out of the car as well.

“Do you know them?” Jasper asked.

“No.” Wendy shook her head, the shock still evident on her frightened expression.

Ward’s eyes lit up when he took in Wendy’s beauty.

“Yo, who’d have thought that JW Capital’s pretty female president was so beautiful?”

Wendy frowned in disgust at Ward’s distasteful words and asked in annoyance, “Who are you? Are you not afraid that I’d run you over when you suddenly rushed onto the road?”

“Who am I? I’m here to f*cking look for you!” Ward scoffed.

“You’re the b*tch that rejected the car purchasing proposal, weren’t you? I gave your company’s employees more than one hundred thousand Somer Dollars! You better f*cking pay me back!”

The man’s claim told them his identity.

This must be the car agency June and Hannibal had conspired with.

Jasper looked at Ward like he was stupid.

‘Both June and Hannibal should be in detention centers now. Yet, instead of hiding away, this idiot actually came here to seek out compensation?’

“I don’t think you know giving and taking bribes are equally severe crimes, do you?” Jasper said calmly.

Ward laughed out loud and replied, “You’re talking about the law with me, stupid?”

“I’ve been dealing cars for more than a decade here in Nauritus City! You think I’d be able to stand my ground in this industry without some skills? At least ask around who Ward Benson is first!”

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