Life at The Top – Chapter 1274

‘The company’s owner and his partner are being harassed by thugs?’

This was the security guards’ first thought. They were immediately pumped up as they stared at Ward and the rest unkindly.

“Didn’t you hear them? Get lost right now!” The leader of the security guards was a veteran. When it came to employing security guards for the company, Jasper would always consider these veterans first.

Not only to give these virtuous people a chance to assimilate back into society, but also because they were much more reliable than most regular folks.

This coupled with JW Company’s extreme employee benefits meant it was not at all unkind to employ them to be security guards of the company.

Ward stomped his feet in frustration when he saw the few burly guards.

He shouted at Jasper’s back, “You b*tch and boy toy! You two won’t surrender until the last moment, huh! You really want me to blow this thing out of proportion, huh? Fine then, just you wait!”

He had just finished shouting when the leader of the security guards began to instruct his team to manhandle these people and physically move them away from the company.

“Motherf*cker! Let go of me! I can walk on my own!” Ward struggled out of the grasp of the security guards before ducking around the corner of the street with a dark expression on his face.

The leader of the security guard looked at Ward and sneered. “At least take a look at where you are. How dare you come and cause trouble here? Just who do you think you are?”

The leader of the security guard then led his team away.

“F*cking Hell. That was too shameful, Mr. Ward. What do we do now?” A subordinate asked darkly.

Ward replied harshly, “We might not beat them when it comes to playing dirty, but don’t worry. I’ll call my brother.”

“He’s the president of the province’s Lawyers Associates, and a renowned barrister. He even has a meeting with the former high official of Harbor City’s Anti-Corruption Bureau today, so I’ll blow up this matter as much as possible!”

“To the point that JW Company’s owner knows about this. I’d like to see how that b*tch’s going to explain herself to the man when that happens!”

Wendy was upset as she took the elevator upstairs.

“I even crashed my car today. What bad luck!”

Jasper consoled, “It’s just a car. I’ll buy you a new one later. I promised to buy you one long ago but never got the chance, right? Looks like this is an opportunity to get you a new car.

“But this car was fine as it was… what about those people just now? Won’t they cause more trouble?”

Buying a new car was no big deal since all it took was one word from either Jasper or Wendy to do. She was more worried that Ward and his men would cause more trouble for them in the future.

“It’s alright Just focus on work, I’ll deal with it,” Jasper said with a crescent-eyed smile.

He did forget how Ward said that his brother was the president of the Lawyers’ Associates. This was nothing much since it was still a relatively minor position.

What Jasper was more interested in was that off handed statement Ward made about the entertainment of an important person from Harbor City.

The news Mortimer gave him last night coupled with this Lawyers’ Associates… Jasper had a feeling that his meeting with Mortimer was about to be brought forward.

This was also a great chance for Jasper to observe Mortimer’s character.

As the person in charge of the supervision department, the man’s character was much more important than their capabilities.

Jasper would not be completely assured just because Zachary had recommended him.

Ward did not make him wait too long.

In a little over an hour, while Jasper was still going through a backlog of documents, he received a report. Apparently, a group of people currently waiting in the legal department wanted to sue the company.

“Let’s go take a look, then.” Jasper got up and went toward the floor of the legal department

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