Life at The Top – Chapter 1275

“Stop f*cking acting stupid with me!”

“It’s written in black and white on the purchase contract! Not to mention that it’s signed by your company’s employees!”

“Don’t think that just because JW is some famous enterprise that it means we’re afraid of you!”

“I, Ward Benson, will be the first to complain!”

“It’s written in black and white on the contract, and it’s signed by your employee. Either follow the contract and buy the cars according to the contract or pay three times the compensation amount! Do it or I’ll sue your company until you go bankrupt!”

Jasper had not even walked through the doors to the legal department when he already heard Ward’s familiar shout.

Just then, the general manager of the legal department also received news of Jasper’s arrival and walked out to greet him.

The manager of the legal department was a man called Eugene Rowse. He was a capable person, had a Law degree, and was extremely knowledgeable in public and commercial law.

However, the man’s expression seemed rather sour right now.

“You’re here, Mr. Laine,” Eugene greeted Jasper.

“What’s the situation now?” Jasper asked.

Eugene smiled wryly, “That Ward Benson person is the car agent who we apparently signed a contract with for the allocation of cars for employees of and above the rank of deputy manager.

“He brought his brother today. I know that man, Edie Benson. He’s a renowned lawyer in Southeast Province, and the president of the Lawyers’ Associate.”

“I already know all that,” Jasper replied calmly, “Tell me the legal issue the company’s facing now.”

Eugene sighed and replied, “The most troublesome part of this is that the fired employee, June, actually did sign her name on the contract. This puts us in a precarious position.”

“Does it count even though there’s no company seal?” Jasper asked with a frown.

“This is only a small blunder we can pick on, but it won’t hinder the legitimacy or validity of the contract. And June did sign the papers on behalf of the company, so it falls under apparent authority this complicates the situation a lot.”

“The contract’s never been approved by the company in the first place and June signed it at her own volition. Now, she’s being fired for corruption and our company’s about to sue her. The corporate world would be lawless if such a thing could be pulled off.”

“I’ll go inside and review the situation first. But remember that our company will not concede on this lawsuit no matter what. We’ll go all the way to Swallow Capital if we have to.”

Eugene nodded at Jasper’s reminder. “I understand.”

After speaking to Eugene, Jasper then entered the legal department’s meeting room.

Inside the meeting room was Ward and another man that looked like Ward but was much more gentlemanly, Edie.

Finally, there was another middle aged man with a curious look on his face as he took in the environment around him. This man seemed elegant and there was a special aura about him.

The man seemed gentle but was actually fierce and firm. There was a certain ferocity hidden deep within him that sent shivers down others’ spines.

With one look, Jasper could see the unique aura people from Harbor City possesed.

… No matter how much a mainlander wanted to act cool, it was still rare to see them putting a white pocket square in the fake breast pocket of their suit jacket.

Mortimer Higgins.

Jasper immediately recognized the man.

It was likely that he came over so he could understand JW Company’s business in advance.

The two locked gazes and despite this being their first meeting, they recognized each other as if mentally connected.

“Mr. Laine?”

Mortimer stood and asked tentatively.

Jasper smiled and extended his hand. “Mr. Higgins. I thought it’d be another few hours until we met.”

Mortimer shook Jasper’s hand and smiled. “I heard Mr. Benson say that he had to come to JW to deal with a few things, so I thought I’d come with to better understand the company. I’m not intruding, am I?”

“Not at all,” Jasper shook his head, “Since they’re also here, then I’ll have to trouble you to give me a moment first, Mr. Higgins. We can talk more after I’ve dealt with this issue.”

“Alright,” Mortimer naturally agreed.

Still, this first meeting had left both of them a great impression of the other.

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