Life at The Top – Chapter 1276

Their conversation stunned the Benson brothers.

No one expected anything from Ward since he was an idiot anyway. The same could not be said about Edie.

As the president of the Southeast Province’s Lawyers’ Associates, he knew which enterprises he could not to offend within the province.

Thus, he had come today for two reasons. Firstly, Ward was his brother, and secondly, Ward had guaranteed him that he had evidence of JW Company’s owner’s woman cheating on him behind her man’s back.

The second reason was the most important piece of information since Edie wanted nothing more than to use Mortimer’s identity and status to climb higher up the social ladder. He also wanted to use this opportunity to show his ability in front of Mortimer.

However, not only did Jasper, the owner of JW Company, appear in person, but the man was also acquainted with Mortimer?!

This had Edie’s heart thumping erratically.

At this moment, Ward still had no idea of the deeper implications of their little ploy. He was just confused about how Jasper and Mortimer knew each other.

“Mr. Higgins, don’t let this stupid f*cker lie to you! He’s just a boy toy and a piece of trash that relies on his woman’s paychecks!”

“You might not know, but he has an affair with Wendy, JW Company’s owner’s mistress!”

“JW Company’s owner will definitely kill him once he finds out!”

“He’s nothing more than a liar and a b*tstard!”

Ward felt refreshed after scolding Jasper, thinking that he had exposed the man’s true form.

He looked at Jasper and was waiting to see a frantic expression on the man’s face before he realized that everyone in the room was looking at him like he was insane.

Jasper’s gaze was the most unique of them all. It was playful but also carried a hint of pity.

“Why are you guys looking at me like that?!”

Ward’s chest tightened in fright, and he turned to a pale faced Edie as he repeated, “Ed, I said that boy toy over there is a f*cking idiot!”

“Don’t be afraid of him, I told you before already. We won’t offend JW’s owner at all. All we have to do is tell him the news and he’d even thank us!”

All he got in response was a huge and heavy slap.

Edie slapped Ward harshly across the face.

Taken aback, Ward’s entire face was twisted sideways by the force.

“F*ck you, stupid moron!”

Furious and frantic, Edie opened his mouth to scold Ward. He did not have the mind to keep up the demeanor befitting of the president of the Lawyers’ Associates.

“Do you know who he is? That’s Jasper Laine, the owner of JW Company! If you have a death wish then go kill yourself somewhere else, don’t drag me into this with you! I don’t have a stupid f*cking brother like you!”

A slap and a harsh round of scolding. This was a metaphorical bolt of lighting.

It metaphorically struck Ward right on his head. The man was stunned, and he felt half his soul get shocked out of his body upon hearing the news.

“How could that be?!”

Ward shouted raspily.

Ward pointed at Jasper and said frustratedly, “How can he be JW’s owner?! He’s still so young! You’re lying to me!”

“You’re really an imbecile!” Edie’s tone was frigid. At this moment, he even felt the desire to eat Ward alive.

No one dared to offend Jasper in Southeast Province. He truly regretted being tempted by Ward into coming to cause trouble in JW right now. He even pitifully wanted to showhis capabilities in front of Mortimer, and perhaps become acquainted with Jasper too.

All his plans were screwed now.

Ward also felt screwed.

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