Life at The Top – Chapter 1277

Ward sat on the chair limply and looked at Jasper with fear.

His mouth twitched a few times as he wanted to beg Jasper for mercy, but nothing came out despite the words being on the tip of his tongue.

In the end, Ward simply looked at Eddie and said with a sob.

“Ed… Save me…”

Edie clenched his jaw. He wanted nothing more than to beat Ward to death now, but despite all this, the man was still his brother.

At this thought, Edie mustered the courage to tell Jasper, “This is really a misunderstanding, Mr. Laine.”

Jasper sat at the front of the meeting room and placed his interlocked fingers under his chin. He replied with a crescent eyed smile, “A misunderstanding? I thought you two came to file a lawsuit against JW?”

“After all, as you said before, it’s written in black and white on the contract. Either JW pays the compensation according to the contract, or you’ll sue us until we’re broke. What misunderstandings can there be?”

The comer of Edie’ s lips twitched twice at Jasper’s words.

He chuckled wryly and replied, “There’s no point in hiding this from you since it’s gotten to this point, Mr. Laine. My brother was the one who urged me to come here, and we did discuss it among ourselves. However, we only did that to seem threatening. There’s no truth behind the statement.”

“We thought that you’d compromise because didn’t know about what happened and wouldn’t want to blow up the issue so as not to affect your employees.”

“Still, this incident was caused because my brother and I were tempted. My brother’s told me about this before and I’ve been thinking that since it’s just a bit of rebate, perhaps we could all just turn a blind eye and move on. I didn’t expect this incident to develop to this point.”

After hearing so much from Edie, Jasper asked calmly, “Then are you going to sue us or not?”

Edie quickly replied, “No, definitely not. ”

Edie kicked Ward harshly and scolded, “Mr. Laine asked you a question! Did you go dumb?”

Ward replied to Jasper with a sob, “I was blind, Mr. Laine, I’m sorry for starting a conflict and offending you. Please forgive me, I promise I won’t dare to sue you anymore. I’ll stay far far away, and I’ll never anger you again.”

Jasper took in the sight and turned to Eugene, “Send them out, Mr. Rowse.”

At the end of the day, Edie was the president of the Lawyers’ Associates, and the company would have to interact the Judicial Bureau many times in the future.

Jasper would gain nothing out of offending the legal industry.

Jasper’s company did business, and peace was a key aspect in that.

Not to mention that this was never a huge problem and Jasper had planned to let them go to begin with.

Ward and Edie were elated when they saw how Jasper decided to forgive them.

They thanked him and followed Eugene out.

After they left, Jasper got up and smiled at Mortimer. “Let’s talk in my office upstairs, Mr. Higgins.”

Mortimer got up and replied with a smile, “Since you’ve invited me, then please lead the way.”

Jasper called Wendy over too once he arrived at his office upstairs.

Since this was an interview of the first person to lead the supervision department, Jasper did not plan to involve the opinions of Malcolm, Chad, or the others. Only his and Wendy’s opinions mattered.

After a brief introduction, Jasper sat on the sofa in the reception area and told Mortimer straight forwardly.

“To be frank, Mr. Higgins, I am in great need of outstanding talent like you to build a supervision system for the whole of JW.

“If you’re willing to join us, then I’ll be open to giving you what you need, be it subordinates, money, or authority. You will only answer to me within the entire company and you’ll work independently of the administrative system. You will not be affected or

disrupted by anyone else.”

A few sentences were all it took for Mortimer to feel Jasper’s determination and sincerity.

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