Life at The Top – Chapter 1278

His eyes lit up and he replied, “I also wish to continue my career in a position where I can best show my strengths. But before that, there’s a lot of questions I need to discuss with you, Mr. Laine.”

“Do tell. Let’s not leave any thought unsaid today.” Jasper smiled.

Two hours later, Mortimer walked out of JW Capital with a wide smile on his face.

In the presidential office, Jasper told Wendy, “Call Malcolm, Chad, and all other decision makers of large departments over for a meeting. We’ll start transferring suitable employees from the whole company and start employing new ones too. The supervision department will be officially established once Mortimer starts working.”

The establishment of the supervision department meant that JW was taking another big step in developing into a more modern group.

This was a significant step to take, be it for the development of JW Capital or JW as a whole.

JW Capital’s decision makers were in a meeting for the entire afternoon.

The establishment of the supervision department would surely infringe upon everyone’s interests. Some people would be forced to give up much of their authority, which would undoubtedly lead to conflicts.

All the departments hoped that the supervision department would be laxer with them. After all, no one hoped to have the guillotine dangling over their necks.

Meanwhile, Jasper, the most important decision maker, remained silent and watched.

Leaving Chad, Malcolm, and the others to flush in agitation and fight amongst themselves.

This was quarrel and compromise between small interest groups in the company. It was a virtuous circle so Jasper would not interfere.

Not to mention that this was the appearance of a new system, and a supervisory one at that. Too many moving parts were involved, and by the time the meeting was adjourned and everyone came to a mutually agreeable decision, it was already seven pm.

“Alright. Since everyone’s fine with this, then we’ll do it this way. People from the presidential office will draft out the document tomorrow and it can be officially sent to all the subsidiaries after I sign it.”

Jasper clapped his hand to announce the end of the meeting.

Everyone left except for Chad, who remained unmoving in his seat.

There was something he wanted to tell Jasper personally.

“What’s this, Chad? Do you not want to hand some of power over to the supervision department?” Jasper chuckled as he asked Chad.

The supervision department’s authority overlapped with the human resources department’s right to review employees. Chad had made a huge concession on this point, so Jasper understood if the man was displeased.

Despite this, Chad chuckled wryly and replied, “The decision’s already been made, I won’t disrupt the company’s natural development because of my personal desire. The supervision department will do the company more good than bad, and it’s worth losing a bit of my human resources department’s authority to pursue it.”

“The main thing is… Do you still remember Baz Willis, Mr. Laine?”

This question Jasper stunned while the latter gathered his meeting documents alongside Wendy.

‘Isn’t that my past life’s superior that I sought out in Waterhoof City?’

Jasper left Baz alone after he arranged for the man to learn about investments in the company. Jasper was busy with work, so it had been a long time since he heard anything about Baz.

“Yeah. Why, is he not doing well?” Jasper asked.

Chad replied weirdly, “Not exactly, it’s just… he’s creative and I arranged for him to work under Albion. It’s only been a while but Albion’s already sent me two reports.”

“He handed in a proposal directly today and Albion didn’t know what to make of it so he threw it to me. I thought about it but I thought you should be the one to decide on it, Mr. Laine.”

“What proposal? If he’s under Mr. Harper, then Mr. Harper should still hand the proposal to the head of the Investment department if he couldn’t decide. Why did he give it to you?”

Chad smiled wryly and replied, “That’s the thing. Even the head of the Investment department couldn’t decide. Since this is someone you especially employed, Mr. Laine, none of us feel right making the final decision. Baz requested that we acquire a business with a market value of 30 million Somer Dollars!”

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