Life at The Top – Chapter 1279

Chad immediately pulled out the proposal in question.

After handing it to Jasper, Chad continued to say, “According to normal protocol, Baz is still no more than a small employee in the investment department. He doesn’t have the qualifications to lead a team yet, and this proposal would’ve been discarded by the manager once it was handed in if he was anyone else.”

“But everyone knows that you especially approved his employment Albion also checked it out and found that this proposal actually seems pretty legitimate, so preliminary market research was also done. Therefore, he didn’t really dare to reject it outright”

“He gave it some thought and handed it to me, most likely so I could pass this to you, Mr. Laine.”

Jasper looked down at the proposal in his hands. After a short moment of thought, he chuckled out loud. History sure does repeat itself.

Jasper wondered that Baz would end up living a new life due to him employing the man. He did not expect Baz to retrace the steps he did in his past life, be it by coincidence or due to fate.

This superior of his had accumulated his first big sum of money through the stocks and the financial market when he was young.

What truly started the man’s business and changed him from a common retail investor to the president of an investment company, and gave him the chance to climb the ranks of the social ladder, was the acquisition of Tefa City’s Downstream Investment Company.

‘It was a profitable purchase.’

That was what Baz frequently told Jasper in his past life.

Thanks to all sorts of boasting from Baz, Jasper came to understand the process of this acquisition as well.

Downstream Investment Company was the first investment company in Tefa City funded by the state. However, due to horrible management and the Tefa City City government deciding to reduce state owed liabilities, the company decided to be put on sale.

No one could see into the future, so while many people knew of this offering, not many people were actually willing to acquire it.

Baz had then taken all his savings, back then a total of 11 million, and acquired Downstream Investment Company.

Then the economy in the mainlands skyrocketed and the stock market faced a bullish trend. Downstream Investment Company’s market price grew tenfold in just a few years.

This was how Baz joined the line of top notch wealthy businessmen in Tefa City and became a true multimillionaire.

“Is he still in the office?” Jasper asked.

Chad nodded. “He should be. I heard that he’s a workaholic who always does overtime. He’s the most diligent and hardworking person in his department. This is something Albion told me many times. He’s got great potential.”

“Tell him to meet me at my office.”

Jasper stood up and said.

Wendy then spoke to Jasper in dissatisfaction as they rode the elevator, “How important is this matter that we have to deal with it today instead of tomorrow? It’s already very late and you still haven’t had dinner yet. You’re going to get a stomach ache later.”

Due to a long history of irregular eating times, Jasper had recently suffered from stomach aches. It was nothing severe, but it had gotten Wendy attention. Therefore, Wendy could not accept Jasper not eating when he should.

“It’s fine. It’ll only take around half an hour. Just wait for me for a while and we can go eat together,” Jasper comforted.

Wendy glared at Jasper but had no other choice than to conform.

She understood Jasper the most, so she knew that he did not care about something as insignificant as eating once he was in the business headspace.

Jasper had just entered his office when Baz arrived as well.

Opening the door for Baz to walk in, Jasper first gave the man a good look before he chuckled, “Not bad. You’re skinner but you look much more energized.”

In comparison to how Baz looked back in the audio rental shop then, the man looked completely different. He was now with vigor and energy.

Baz chuckled and replied, “Now that I have a goal to strive for, it’s only normal that I’d look different. After coming to work here, I found that I really like the investment industry. I was wasting my life away before this.”

Baz was truly grateful to have met Jasper.

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