Life at The Top – Chapter 1282

Scott then pointed at Baz and sneered. “What happened to your dog is a lesson for you. This company will belong to me, and whoever wants to take it from me can prepare to die.”

“What a bold claim.”

Jasper’s tone was indifferent.

Ever since Jasper started his business, he had destroyed tons of trust-fund children like Scott. Jasper did not even want to waste time talking to the person in front of him.

“Sure. Originally, I didn’t really care if I bought Downstream Investment Company or not. But since you’ve made such a claim, then there’s no way I’m leaving without it I’d like to see how you plan on killing me.”

“What the f*ck! How can you talk to Mr. Covington like that?!”

A lackey beside Scott jumped up and pointed at Jasper as he scolded.

Then, this lackey who wanted to please Scott said flatteringly, “Mr. Covington, why waste time talking to stupid f*ckers like him? Let me crush his head, I’d like to see if he can still act arrogant them.”

Scott snickered wretchedly and replied, “You’re right. Go and make this brat bleed, let him know that the Covington family is king here in Tefa City!”

With Scott’s approval, this lackey scoffed at Jasper and strolled over.

“Watch out, Mr. Laine. He’s the one that beat me up just now,” Baz stood in front of Jasper subconsciously.

Only for Jasper to pull him to the side. “Jul..!”

Julian heard Jasper call him and immediately went to fight that lackey.

“Motherf*cker, you even dare to call for help? I’ll kill you all today!”

This lackey was a fighter too, as he roared and continued to march forward when he saw Julian approach. He raised his fist and aimed it at Julian’s face.

Julian’s gaze was indifferent and he watched the man’s actions after the latter raised his hand. Then, he directly grabbed the lackey’s wrist.

The lackey was stunned and instinctively tried to pull out of Julian’s grasp. However, no matter how he struggled, Julian’s palm clamped on his wrist like a set of pliers, making it hard for him to move at all.

As if feeling embarrassed, the lackey roared and scolded, “Motherf*cker, let go of me!”

Julian’s gaze was cold as he backhandedly twisted his wrist and pulled the lackey’s arm backward, causing the latter to let out tragic yelps.

With a painful cry, the lackey bowed in front of Julian.

Julian raised his leg and slammed his knee into the other’s face.

Blood instantly splattered everywhere.

The sound of the nose bridge fracturing accompanied by the lackey’s sorrowful scream rang out across the area. After this, the lackey fell backward onto the ground, his face a mix of tears, snot, and gushing blood.

His vision went dark as he wiped the blood from his face. Half his face felt numb, and upon looking at the terrifying traces of blood on his hand, the lackey shouted and was about to get up to fight Julian again.

However, before he could completely get to his feet, Julian sent him flying far away with a kick.

The lackey hit the side of the staircase like a rolling pin and he did not even have the strength to yelp or scold any more. All he could do was place a hand over the fractured areas of his body and whimper.

The fight might have sounded complicated, but everything occurred in a flash.

The whole thing from beginning to the end was over in a few blinks.

Seeing how one of his best fighters was instantly defeated by Julian, Scott’s pupils contracted and he stared at Jasper warily. He shouted angrily, “F*ck! Who the hell are you? How dare you hurt my men here in Tefa City?”

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