No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0007

“I’ll die today? I don’t think so!” Jack was unfazed. He took a look outside and saw that Shauna had already brought Kylie to play under the banyan tree.

“Hmph, I’ll see how tough you think you are!” Young Master Clark could not be bothered to talk with Jack. He believed that Jack would be regretting soon enough. Very quickly, a few cars pulled over just outside. Dan Jameson, the Clark family’s number one fighter, walked in along with a few muscular guys.

Just as he entered the courtyard, Dan shouted, “Who’s the person that dared to bully our young master? Do you wish to die?” At that moment, Dan was furious as he had just ran into someone he could not afford to offend, causing him to lose a finger. He had just only finished treating his wound at the hospital when his master gave him another phone call, telling him that Young Master Clark was beaten up, sending him over to settle the issue.

“It’s that trash named Jack White. He’s just a stinking, retired soldier, yet he dares to behave arrogantly before me!” Young Master Clark immediately started smugly mouthing off once he saw Dan approach with his men.

“Motherf*cker, this is really—” Dan bellowed, rushing as he was about to take action to vent his frustrations. However, seeing the person standing in front of Ken, he was almost petrified by fear.

“How unexpected. We meet again!” Jack smiled calmly, then looked at the bandaged hand of the other party. “It seems you have a great personality. You’re a real man that keeps your word!”

At first, Ken could not understand what Jack was talking about. He frowned and looked at Dan, asking, “You’ve met?”

Dan smiled bitterly, then nodded. “Young Master Clark, uhm… It’s about time for lunch. Why don’t we head back?” While he spoke, Dan had even winked a few times at Ken.

“Lunch? What lunch? Go beat him up. Damn it! If I don’t vent my frustrations today, I’m not a man!” Ken huffed, failing to understand Dan’s implications.

Smack! Jack took a step forward and gave Young Master Clark a slap to his face.

“You… Dan, get him!”



Smack! After a few consecutive slaps, Young Master Clark almost passed out.

“Dan, why aren’t you and your men taking action?” Young Master Clark was on the verge of tears. He felt so wronged. He had never been treated this way before. Dan did not dare to take action. The men around him had also witnessed first hand how Black Dragon was killed. They lowered their heads in fear, not daring to take a single step forward.

“Sorry for disturbing!” The unexpected had just happened. Dan walked up to Jack and bowed respectfully, then with a wave of his hand, he ordered his underlings, “Take Young Master Clark home!” In an instant, the thugs carried Ken and went out the door.

“Put me down. Dan, what’s wrong with you? I’m asking you to cripple he. Dan, why are you such a wuss today?” Young Master Clark was cursing all the way out, but it had no effect. He was carried away just like that.

“This…” Fiona and Andrew were both flabbergasted. At first, they thought that Jack was done for. Who would have thought such a dramatic scene would ensue?

“Could it be that Dan is afraid of you? You know each other?” Selena asked with a frown on her face.

“That’s a long story!” Jack smiled bitterly, then looked at the bag of trash on the floor, asking, “Selena, why are you collecting trash? What happened in the past five years?”

All was good until that topic was brought up. Fiona immediately boiled with rage again.
Enraged, she walked forward and was just about to push Jack out of the door. “It’s all because of you, trash! If not for you forcing yourself on my daughter and impregnating her with Kylie, would she be kicked out of the family? Do you think we’d be collecting trash for a living?”

“Ma, stop that. He’s not to be blamed for that matter. It was my own decision. He did not force himself on me!” Selena retorted strongly, “The incident that night was nothing to be regretful about. I’ll never regret my decision. I’ll be responsible for my own actions. Didn’t Grandpa have me marry him? He’s the man I’ll be with!”

“Impossible. It must be this scoundrel forcing himself on you. You must’ve been drunk, and he took advantage of that. That must be it! You’re the Taylor family’s Eldest Miss and he’s only a delivery boy. How can he be a worthy partner for you?” Fiona refused to believe Selena’s statement. She glared at Jack through gritted teeth. “Brat, I don’t care. You must compensate my daughter for her loss of youth and divorce her. Let her marry Young Master Clark.”

“Mother, I’ve already told you. Unless Selena says so, I won’t be divorcing her!” Jack was determined. He looked at Selena, finally showing a gentle expression as he asked, “Selena, can you tell me what happened? Even if you’re kicked out of the Taylor family, you shouldn’t have to resort to collecting trash, right? With your networking and capabilities, how could you not find a good job?”

Selena made a bitter smile. That smile was filled with untold suffering. “Do you think I wished for this? After getting pregnant, I was told to abort her. I disagreed and was kicked out. What kind of job could I take while being pregnant? Moreover, my Grandpa gave out an order to ban all affiliated companies from hiring me!” By that point, Selena took a seat by the table. Her gaze had a pitiful look. “Some companies were willing to hire me, for example, those from the Clark family. Although they were willing, the condition was to abort the child. Moreover, Young Master Clark had always been eyeing me! What else could I do? The Taylor family was even worse. They would only leave me alone when I collected trash. Otherwise, they’d be sending people to destroy my business even if I just set up a simple stall!”

“Damn it!” By that point, Jack could not bear listening on. The wife of the Supreme Warrior was actually forced to collect trash and left without help?

“You see, it’s all because of you. If not for trash like you, would our family be in such a rut?”
Fiona was still as disgusted as before. “Furthermore, Selena’s dad’s leg was broken when he worked as a porter. Look at him now! Sob, sob, sob, why is my life so difficult!”

“Father, mother, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect it to turn out this way!” Seeing Fiona in tears and how the whole family could not even have a decent meal, Jack’s heart was wracked with guilt. “Don’t you worry. Now that I’m back, nobody will dare to bully you in the future!”

“You’re just talking nonsense!” Fiona’s voice trembled, clearly agitated as she pointed at Jack. “You’re just a soldier. What can you do? At most, you can only run your mouth. The way I see it, it’s 10 to 100 times better for our Selena to marry Young Master Clark or that Young Master Wilson when compared to trash like you!”

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