No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0011

“All three dresses suit you well, honey. Do you like it? We’ll get them if you like it!” The two saleswomen no longer dared to look down on Jack. They merely stood there pitifully.

Hearing Jack’s words, Selena blushed. She was still a little unused to the term ‘Honey’. “I still think it’s too expensive!” By then, Selena had already changed back into her clothes. She took a look at the three dresses, then replied with a smile. “It’s the thought that counts. One dress will do, no need for that many!”

“Just admit that you’re poor and drop the act. Don’t even think of leaving the store if you can’t pay up today!” Karen, the rich woman, started sneering at them.

When the saleswomen heard those words, they felt delighted. ‘These three poor blokes are acting so insolent even though they’re poor. Let’s see how you deal with it now that you met a stronger figure.’

However, out of their expectations, Jack passed the three dresses to the saleswoman that he slapped earlier. “Just these three. Pack them up for me!”

“You’re really buying? The total is almost two hundred thousand dollars…” The woman asked out of surprise, then finally led the way after a moment, saying, “Sir, this way please!”

Jack followed along and took out a gold card. The numbers on the card were all eights.
“This…is it usable?” the saleswoman frowned, unable to resist from muttering. It was her first time seeing such a card.

“Why do you keep spewing nonsense? It’s password-free for payments under ten billion dollars!” Jack gave her an impatient look, then dashingly waved at Selena who was waiting for him.

The saleswoman took a big gulp of air. Somehow, she still felt that this man before him was lying. Even the most powerful black card that she knew of was only limited to password-free transactions under 10 million dollars. Meanwhile, this person was telling her that his card allowed for password-free transactions under 10 billion? If that was not a lie, what was? However, she tried her best to smile and ran the card through the reader. Surprisingly, the transaction was successful instantly!

“Oh my god, he was telling the truth?” The beautiful saleswoman swallowed hard. Even if that was a lie, the card was still capable of password-free transactions for that sum of money. This person’s identity was surely extraordinary. Moreover, this type of customer would definitely be considered VIP amongst VIP at the banks.

“Sir, here you go. Please come again!” It was rare for them to meet such a rich customer. The beautiful saleswoman respectfully passed the card back to Jack and bowed slightly, trying to appease him.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you just diss us for being poor? You’re still asking us to come again?” Jack smiled coldly as he retrieved his card.

“It’s all a misunderstanding. I didn’t expect you to keep such a low profile! The beautiful saleswoman answered with a smile, then added, “If you’re making similar purchases here every day, I don’t mind getting slapped by you again!” After all, those three dresses gave them quite a good commission, especially the one costing over 100 thousand dollars. Most people could not afford it.

Jack could not be bothered with her. He then approached Selena and Joan. “Let’s go. Ma, we’ll go shop somewhere else and see if there are any that suit you!”

“Are you serious? You really settled the bill?” Karen stood in front of the door waiting to teach Jack a lesson. When she saw the saleswoman escorting Jack out delightfully, she was flabbergasted. Although she did not lack wealth, she would still feel the pain if she spent 200 thousand dollars in one go. Moreover, she had just uttered some mean words.

“A good dog doesn’t block the way! Move aside!” Jack stated coldly as he reached the door and stared at those bodyguards.

“Brat, you’re quite insolent! The leader of the bodyguards was aggravated. He took a step forward and sent a punch right at Jack’s face. However, he was sent flying the very next instant, landing heavily on the floor.

“This…” The rest of the bodyguards were stunned. This brat seemed to be a capable fighter.

“What’re you doing standing there? Go get him! Damn it, how dare he hit my men. That’s just disrespecting me, Karen!” Karen snapped her fingers and barked her orders. Upon witnessing that, she was furious.

Unfortunately, the next moment she was speechless. Her rather capable bodyguards that went through special training were all lying on the floor, unable to even touch his clothes.

“Karen, would you like to try?” Jack stared coldly at Karen, curling his finger invitingly at her.

“It’s all a misunderstanding. brother, I can see that you’re quite the capable fighter. Why don’t you be my bodyguard? I’ll pay you!” Karen smiled awkwardly. If her bodyguards were no match for Jack, what could she, a weak little girl, do? She would probably die from a single kick.

“Be your bodyguard? Ha, you’re overestimating yourself!” To Jack, that offer was a joke. He, the Supreme Warrior, master of the Nine Gods of War, and his countless contributions in the war, falling low enough to be someone’s bodyguard?

“Son, let’s get going!” Joan was scared. It was the first time she witnessed such a scene. However, her own son’s strength was truly amazing. A group like that was not his match.

“Let’s go. Ma, the clothes in that store would suit you…”

“Don’t bother. You’ve already spent so much money. Don’t use up all your rewards!”

“It’s fine Ma, your son wants to buy some clothes for you. Isn’t that the right thing to do?”

After a moment, Selena received a call. After answering it, her expression turned extremely ugly.

“What’s wrong, honey?!” Seeing that, Jack asked immediately.

“Did you beat up Ivan Taylor?” Selena’s expression was cold. Before Jack could explain, she reprimanded angrily, “Why do you like to fight so much? Yes, you’re amazing. After being a soldier for a few years, you’re now very powerful, right? You’ll just beat up whoever that offends you, isn’t it?”

“Jack, look at you. That Ivan is someone we can’t afford to offend. He’s very petty. Now that you’ve offended him, we’re not going to live in peace in the future!” Joan sighed. “Ivan is the main reason for Selena being unemployed all these while. Right now, he’s the director of Taylor Group. As long as he sends a word in the market, who would dare to attract trouble by hiring Selena?”

“But he really deserves it. If not because of his identity as a member of the Taylor family and Selena’s cousin, he would be long dead!” Jack turned expressionless, then said, “That bastard. When I came back, I didn’t know you were kicked out of the Taylor family. I met Ivan and he dared to force Kylie to eat buns that he stomped on. How could I tolerate that!?”

“What?!” Hearing that, Selena was shocked. “That bastard. He’s really going overboard. How dare he treat Kylie like that.” Having said that, she looked toward Jack, finally realizing that she had wrongfully blamed him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was for that reason that you beat him up. However, Grandpa is furious at the moment and requested for us to head over. My parents are already rushing over. They asked us to hurry up.”

“What’s there to be scared of? It’s their fault to start with. I’ve not even begun settling the matter of them kicking you guys out of the Taylor family!” Jack harrumphed, then said, “Let’s go!”

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