No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0022

“Oh my, I am so full. It’s so delicious. I haven’t eaten good food like this for such a long time!”

Fiona ate to her heart’s content. She had suffered a lot for these past five years. It was all because of that bastard, Jack White. He did not only cause her daughter to be driven out of the Taylor family, even both of them old folks suffered together.

It had been five years, she had not eaten luxury meals like this for five years! She did not care if Jack had the money to pay the bill. After all, the person who would suffer from the embarrassment was not her. After all, nobody asked Jack to act rich and offer to pay.

“Wow, I’m so jealous! I estimate that this table’s bill must be around 200 thousand! That is the most expensive red wine available here!”

Most of the people at the tables around them had not left, quite a number of people looked at the delicious dishes on the table and were extremely envious.

“It really is a lot. Especially the 20 bottles of red wine that they only drank two bottles of. Oh my, they ordered so much. They really are rich!” One of the men lamented.

“Wait, look at that man. Does he look like a person who earns a million a day? He dresses so ordinarily. Does he really have the money to pay the bill? Do they plan to eat a free meal?”

On the other hand, one of the women doubted Jack’s ability to pay the bill.

“Has everybody finished eating? I’ll get the bill if everyone’s done!” Jack smiled and was prepared to pay the bill.

“Go, go, we are done. Waitress, how much is everything? Please pack these wines, we would like to take them to go!” Fiona waved to the waitress. She wanted to see if Jack could manage to come up with so much money.

What they did not anticipate was that the waitress did not come over, a manager walked over with a smile instead. He passed the bill to Jack, “Sir, can you please go over there and pay the bill? Thank you for your visit!”

Jack looked at this man’s smile and felt a little weird. Why did his smile look insidious? He lowered his head to look at the bill in his hand. He immediately frowned, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think that I will pay such a bill tonight!”

The customers at the nearby tables were stunned. This person asked his mother-in-law to order whatever she wanted and was unable to pay the bill?

“F*ck me, these people are really here for a free meal!”

“How can they be so shameless? They acted as if they were very rich just now and even said that they earn 30 million every month. A man who earns 30 million a month can’t even pay a 400 thousand bill?”

A few people started chatting. Some of the people even looked at Jack with some feeling of dislike in their eyes.

“This person is so daring. Can he afford to offend the person who has the ability to open such a high-end restaurant? Is he looking for trouble?”

Some of the people were waiting to watch a good show.

Although Selena felt a little sorry about spending the money, but, there was nothing she could do. She had stood up and was prepared to leave after Jack paid the bill. She had no idea that there would be such a scene. She was frightened and directly sat back on the chair, a little stunned. Did Jack really not have the money? If he did not have money, where did his previous confidence come from?

“Sir, I’m afraid that you can’t leave here if you don’t pay the bill at our place!” that manager said and laughed as he looked at Jack.

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